5 Architectural Styles That Will Compliment Any Season - By: Kevin O Steven

Description : Building or remodeling your home can be a fun and exciting time. Using architectural services, you can plan out your space and find the right interior design for you. Additionally, in San Francisco, you also want to consider the sustainability of your architectural design. From the green aspects of your home to its unique design, you need to understand how these two things can compliment each other.

With that in mind, here are a few architectural styles that can compliment the different seasons here in California, no matter if you are designing your home or business space.

Modern Flair Mixed With Vintage Finds
Many different home styles can be found in San Francisco, particularly with a modern style. However, adding vintage touches can call to mind the history of this beautiful city. Plus, you can compliment your outdoor space with these vintage pieces since the weather can typically be milder than some of our northern neighbors.

Tap the Tiled Steps
Part of the unique architecture in San Francisco is the famous 16th Avenue Tiled Steps. They are a beautiful mosaic that captures a unique snapshot of the community that created it. You can take inspiration from this beautiful spot of the city by pulling some unique aspects of your neighborhood into your architectural design for your home. Plus, if you can use outdoor materials, you can have a piece that stands the test of the seasons.

Amazing Use of Light
A beautiful example of how architecture design can be influenced by light can be found in the Bay Bridge. It is the world’s largest light installation, with over 25,000 LEDs. Let it be an inspiration for your light choices throughout your design, allowing them to highlight the unique aspects of your home throughout the seasons. Lights can also be used to create colorful displays to compliment the seasons or special occasions.

Creating Sustainable Architecture
California is the front line of climate change and has taken great strides to counteract the impact of buildings on the environment. As you are creating your design, recognize the environmental impact. Creating new architecture that is relevant to the environmental challenges, as well as being beautiful, is truly what can make it stand out.

Embracing the Eclecticism
San Francisco offers a variety of architectural influences, from historical to the new urbanism. Doing so can help to define the local culture. As you work on your new home or remodel, embrace the variety with the city as part of your design, including going vertical. It can be an amazing way to draw the eye upwards.

Living in San Francisco means being surrounded with some beautiful pieces of architecture, many of which have been influences by the various seasons of the city’s rich history. For help in bring the beauty of the city into your design, contact us today.

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