Description : Due to the increase in the quantity of acidity present in the ocean and also, increased temperature of oceans, the aquatic life is under threat. Climate change is affecting the productivity of marine species, and it is also modifying fish disposition. Climate change poses serious concerns over the section of society which is dependent on fisheries as their source of livelihood. The factors which affect the coastal fishing communities are changes in the pattern of rainfall and rising sea levels. For more detailed articles on Climate Change and other topics related to Environment, science and technology visit Assignment help uk.

A large amount of countries are dependent on fishing. They have substantial coastal populations, where the primary source of income is through the fisheries. Countries such as Maldives, Bangladesh are very vulnerable to climate change and might become the first climate refugees. One million tonnes of Basa fish is produced along the Mekong River by the fishing community, and due to the movement of freshwater aquifers into saline water resulting from increased sea levels and dams, the livelihood of the community and fish production would suffer.

Due to the increase in human activities, there’s an increase in the impact of climate change. Human activity has been a factor in the rise of nutrition levels of the lakes, which is a cause of vulnerability to climate change. Experiments were held at various lakes, i.e. Lake Bourget, Lake Geneva, Lake Annecy. High levels of nutrients were observed in Lake Geneva and Lake Bourget and responded noteworthy towards weather variability, which is a factor of climate change. Lake Annecy responded quite poorly and had deficient levels of nutrients. Topics related to environment, science and technology can sometimes be hard to understand for some students. Refer to Assignment Help UK for more such assignments and topics.

Aquaculture and fisheries are a significant contributor towards Food Security and livelihood. Fishes are a substantial source of nutrition for at least 3 Billion people and 50 per cent of the animal proteins across the globe. Climate change and increasing world population threatens food security. Climate change drastically changes the fishing population’s parameters such as availability and stability. While some areas profit by this change, others get harmed due to its effect. Another primary reason for the sudden deaths of aquatic species is the lack of oxygen in the oceans. As per an estimate, around 500 million people across the developing countries are involved directly or indirectly through aquaculture and fisheries. There are many websites which provide Assignment help uk on Environment and Science and Technology. Always trust a genuine website and do not get scammed by nefarious websites.

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