Surrogacy A New Concept And Hope Of Having Babies - By: Lorene Silvers

Description : What Do You Mean By Surrogacy? 

A woman legally agrees to carry the embryo for another woman until the baby is delivered. The person who bears the child is a surrogate mother. For whom she bears the child are the real parents as per law. 

Why Look For Surrogacy? 

Surrogacy center in Delhi has seen a huge demand for surrogacy in the last few years. The main reason is the hike in infertility rate due to late marriages. A woman might have certain physical disabilities because of which it might proof to be dangerous for her life to bear a child even if she is fertile. In such situation a woman requires another woman to help her out, a surrogate mother. It is suggested that a couple willing to look for surrogacy must consult with their advocate before going forwards with the process. Then they should look forward to the Best Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi. 

Process Following Surrogacy Service: 

Surrogacy Services in Delhi can be quite expensive. The reason is the internationally established process associated with it- 

The process starts with looking for a willing surrogate mother.

Once you find out a mother willing to bear a child as surrogate you look forward to help from clinics.

The clinic should check the health condition of the surrogate mother for further processing.

Once all tests come positive the doctor responsible should start the medications required for fertility in the surrogate woman so that she is ready when the embryo is placed in her uterus.

Many hormonal changes are to be set in the surrogate for months to get her prepared

In the meanwhile the doctors collect the intended parents sperm and egg.

If the woman is infertile then one might look for an option of collecting a donated egg.

Combining the egg and sperm to develop an embryo.

Once the embryo gets matured to Blastocyst the same is inserted in the surrogates uterus by injecting.

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