Understanding The Distinction Between 5050 And 3528 LED Tape - By: Lewis Statton

Description : LED Tape is available in two main chip sizes; 5050 and 3528. There is no secret to these numbers as they merely denote the length and width of the individual LED chips. 5050 refers to 5.0mm x 5.0mm chips while 3528 refers to 3.5mm x 2.8mm chips.

Barely more difficult however is deciding which to choose and, unfortunately, it can be exhausting attempting to tease some objective, impartial recommendation out of your retailer. Ultimately, the chip measurement you choose must be suited to your utility, however it should also fit inside your funds, so make sure you strike a good compromise.

The chief distinction between these two forms of chip is their brightness. Because of their larger surface space, 5050 chips produce much more gentle than a 3528 chip. For that reasons 5050 chips usually serve better in applications that require a whole lot of gentle. An example of this could also be a shop window show where the LED Tape has to compete with the light of the solar in the course of the day so as to remain seen.

3528 chips are normally ample for most home functions, corresponding to beneath cabinet lighting and so forth. Nevertheless, this is not a rule of thumb. The quantity of gentle a strip mild produces can be determined by the variety of LEDs per metre, so don't forget to factor this into your resolution making course of as effectively.

The larger dimension of the 5050 chip also means that it consumes extra energy than the smaller 3528 chips. The general energy consumption of your LED Tape is important relating to selecting an appropriate power supply, and bigger power provides typically price extra. If you find that it can save you money this way by utilizing the 3528 it may be worth doing so.

The final level of comparison is value. Understandably, 5050 chips, with their larger mild output, value more than 3528. Chances are you'll end up paying up to five pounds per metre extra for a strip that utilizes 5050 chips and, particularly in bigger setups, this could end up costing you more cash. This is value contemplating for anybody who is working high a tight price range.

If all else fails you'll be able to contact your retailer. Most will be completely satisfied to advise you on which chips may be extra suitable to your application. Simply make sure that you might be clear on what you are utilizing the LED Tape for and what effect you are attempting to attain.

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