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Individuals do go to celestial prophets and get some information about their future and diverse parts of their lives like marriage, connections, proficient lives, love, guardians, income, and so forth. One of the serious issues identified with horoscope that makes a strained circumstance for individuals is having mangalik or mangal dosh in their horoscope.


Mangal dosh is a standout amongst the most talked about things in Indian culture. It is a noteworthy thing or dosh in your kundali that should be checked. The Mangal Dosh is otherwise called Kuja Dosh, Bhom Dosh or Angarakha Dosh.Mars is a planet of wars and holds an exceptional place in Astrology. The situating of the planet Mars (mangal in hindi) in specific places of your kundali , which should greatly affect your wedded life and the family after and before marriage is known as mangal dosh. As indicated by the Hindu crystal gazing, if the individual is having mangal governing in their horoscope, need to perform long religious customs with the goal that they can acquire joy and prosperous their life and their life partner life also. It is critical to check whether the individual is mangalik or non mangalik in such a case that a non-mangalik gets hitched to a mangalik individual then the individual will undoubtedly pass on.


As of now examined about the outcomes of non-mangaliks getting hitched to a mangalik people, so it is critical to check with the kundalis about their mangal dosh. Presently , the inquiry that comes in our mind that how might we distinguish the mangalik kundali? Along these lines, here is the solution to your inquiry. In human horoscope, there are around 12 houses altogether. On the off chance that Mars is situated in the 1st,2nd,4th,7th,8th and twelfth place of the outline referenced in the horoscope, at that point the individual is under the mangal dosh. Essentially, these individuals are under the negative impact of planet Mars.

There are diverse impact over individuals having distinctive position of Mars in their horoscope, so given us a chance to give an eye to the diverse places of Mars in horoscope:-

There are high odds of brutality and clashes when the individual is having Mars in the first place of their horoscope.

The situating of Mars in the second place of the horoscope, may influence the group of the general population disturbing marriage and expert life.

It is seen that the general population experience difficulty in their expert life and many exchanging when the Mars is situated in fourth place of the horoscope.

The individual is viewed as testy if the Mars is situated in the seventh place of the horoscope of the concerned individual.

At the point when the Mars is situated in the eighth place of the horoscope, at that point the individual has chances from being far from older folks and free fatherly property.

The individual is said to have psychological maladjustment and has budgetary misfortunes to his or her adversaries, if the Mars is situated in the twelfth place of the horoscope.

How to remove manglik dosh

As we probably am aware there is answer for each issue, what we have to do is simply look at for the answer for the issues. Additionally, there are solutions for limit the negative impact of planet Mars on our horoscopes. Beneath referenced are few cures that may help you :-

Attempt to wed a mangalik individual to another mangalik individual; this may invalid the negative impact of Mars, prompting an effective wedded life and bliss for eternity.

A mangalik individual ought to do fasting on each Tuesday, this is a standout amongst the best arrangements in diminishing the Mangal dosh.

Young ladies who are mangalik ought to perform Kumbh Vivaah. In this, the young ladies need to wed banana tree or peepal tree for lessening mangal dosh. On occasion, the young ladies are additionally inspire hitched to Lord Vishnu which is likewise a successful custom which diminishes the mangal dosh.

People with mangal dosh ought to give red garments to specialists who work with sharp things.

The force of the Mangal dosh can descend if the individual gets hitched after the age of 28.

Individuals additionally trust that performing pooja at the Mangal Nath sanctuary Ujjain diminishes the power of mangal dosh.

The individual having mangal dosh ought to go to different Navagraha Temple, to decrease the inetensity of Mangal Dosh.

The people having Mangal Dosh should recite Navagraha Mantra definitely known as Mangal Mantra. This likewise decreases the force of Mangal Dosh.

The individual should keep an ivory tooth of an elephant at their homes which helps in diminishing the impact of Mangal Dosh.

The individual having Mangal Dosh should keep an orange hued icon of Lord Ganesha in their revering room.

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