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Description : People think Las Vegas, they assume only a few things; gambling, temptation, heavy drinking, and a do whatever. What many do not realize is a softer side to Las Vegas that involves exploring the outdoors from a unique perspective. In case you have not figured it out yet, then take a change to get Vegas Balloon Rides. There is nothing more exhilarating than floating above the strip at thousand feet taking in the unique perspective of a city in the middle of nowhere. There are many great things to do within the city limits of Las Vegas. You can enjoy the vast gaming opportunities here. And, you can also take part in some of the wonderful entertainment options. Many tourists, who come here, want to experience the location itself. They want to explore greater Las Vegas. This wonderful city is situated in the gorgeous Mojave Desert. Because of this scenic location, millions of people choose to plan Las Vegas Vacations.

Las Vegas Balloon Rides:

Ballooning flights and trips are a beloved activity for those who like to experience new things and get their adrenaline kick! Going on a balloon flight/ride for a birthday is a great idea for the lucky person whose birthday it is, but also the guests that are lucky to be invited! Usually, friends and family can travel with other riders, but Las Vegas Balloon Rides can be hired out by groups of people, usually up to ten people. This is a great alternative to taking just two or three friends, and means you won't have to allowance anyone behind! There is nothing more romantic than watching the sun set over beautiful glimpse of patchwork countryside and hidden from view houses. Balloon trips are a great opportunity and moment for couples to celebrate their love, wedding anniversary or even the backdrop for popping the all important question! VIP hot air balloons are a little bit more special compared to authentic balloon rides.

Balloon Rides in Vegas:

Hot air ballooning has a long, detailed and at times a quirky history. There are many new different types of Balloon rides in Vegas that are growing ever more popular around the world. From adventure city balloon rides to VIP luxury balloon flights the list is growing, as are the number of passengers taking flight! Here are just some of the types of ballooning rides you can expect to find. Why take a balloon ride over countryside hills when you could be up close and personal with some scary animals as they roam wild and free in their natural habitat? Well, maybe because you might not be such a thrill seeker! But for those who are, this ride is certainly for you. The balloons fly low, close to the animal reserves where the animals live with the freedom to roam around wherever they choose. Tigers, lions, elephants and giraffes are just some of the animals you can expect to find on your balloon ride!

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