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Description : We all want to document our memories via pictures. When we put them up on our walls and framed on our shelves; we can look at them, bringing back the emotions felt when the image was captured. We frame our children, spouses, loves ones those that we’ve lost. We give the gift of special moments to others. I often myself standing in front of some of my pictures, putting each picture into the words of emotions I felt when the picture was taken. Now, there is a way to put those pictures into words, so each image can be nearer and dearer to your heart. A picture made of words is more than just an image; it’s a wave of feelings, thoughts and special words captured within that moment. As you look deeper into these images, you’ll find yourself lost in the depth of this creation.

Think back to that moment in time when that special picture was taken. Do you remember your thoughts? Do you remember your feelings? Even more importantly, do you remember your words. As time passes at the rate of a speeding train, the memory only lasts with image. We still hold on to those images but slowly, the thoughts and words drift away. The images will remain but if you don’t capture the words with the pictures the memory can become fuzzy. By putting pictures into words, not only do you recall the moment, but you will be able to remember your feelings, thoughts and emotions because all those special words have been embedded into the picture.

When looking into a picture in words, you may at first see the picture. The picture itself brings back the memories of the moment. The words may be invisible, but they will still bring up the special feeling associated with the moment captured. As you look closer, not only will you see your thoughts from that moment integrated into the picture, but you’ll remember your feelings and special words said. This powerful visual impression provides us with more than just a memory; pictures in words creates a warm feeling because of capturing the “whole” of the moment because those words related to the feelings at the time are integrated into this image. The memory in its entirety is captured.

Do you want to help someone remember their special memory? Pictures into words is more than just that memory. Have you ever read between the lines? This high sensory visual will allow just that. Pictures created with words is a multi-layered wave of emotions. You will start on the surface, admiring the overall image the memory associated with it. As you look closer, key words will start to appear; popping out as your mind takes you to that moment in time. Suddenly, you’ve gone beyond the image and now you see the words. These are all the thoughts and feelings that went into creating that picture. It’s as if those thoughts and those feelings are what created the everlasting image. Well, it did! Remember that great trip you took with your friends in college? Many funny sayings often come out of trips like this. Now, imagine capturing those pictures with the words used during the trip. The words will continue to flow and become clearer the longer you look.

Look into the eyes of your image and what do you see? I see words, many words that communicate what those eyes are saying. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? When you have your images captured by words, the beauty is in the words behind the eyes. Look at the smiles of your kids on your vacation? Do you see smiles, or do you see the words in the picture? Those words may say something like, “We snuck out last night, mom.” Or, they may say, “We put a sand crab in your bed this morning!” Now, imagine seeing the words that bring back those memories. It will take you back to that day that was full of laughter and fun.

Document your life or help someone remember the special thoughts caught in special moments by creating pictures into words. Don’t just create a simple memory, create layers of the memories within one perfect. Give someone the chance to get lost in their memory. The best gift to give is something someone can hold on to forever. Pictures into words is the perfect canvass. It’s the perfect gift for someone else because it makes it so personal. It shows that you remember their feelings. Not only is an image of a picture with words worth giving as a gift, but it’s worth hanging on your own wall. It’s never too late to get lost in a memory, whether it’s a great recent memory, a memory of the past, the memory of a lost loved one or the memory of a place. Keep that memory vivid by capturing not only the image but those words and thoughts from that moment in time. Make your memory by creating a picture into words.

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