11 Mistakes To Avoid When Fishing The Flats - By: Bill C Honner

Description : The flats are a great place for inshore fishing. Their shallow waters are often seen as the perfect place for anglers to develop their fishing skills, but just because the water is clear and shallow doesn’t mean the flats don’t pose a challenge. Without proper skills and techniques, even the clearest day will result in zero bites. Here are some basic flat fishing tips to use along with your trusted Metaloid:

1 - Wear Dull Colors

The clear waters will amplify any bright colors you wear and will alert the fish of your presence; choose neutral and warm tones instead.

2 - Be As Quiet As Possible

Noise will startle the fish at the marsh and as soon as one school leaves, their rucks will scare off every other fish in the vicinity.

3 - Don’t Hesitate

The moment you see an opportunity to cast your Metaloid, do it. A millisecond of hesitation will result in a missed catch that you will regret instantly.

4 - Enhance Your Vision

While fishing in the marsh, expect a light of sunlight and glare. Wear the proper eye gear such as polarized sunglasses and if you need corrective lenses, don’t leave them at home. All anglers depend on their eyes for a successful trip, so take care of your vision.

5 - Be Ready In Seconds

Always be ready to cast in just seconds. As mentioned early, a slight delay will result in the fish getting away before your hook even hits the water.

6 - Excessive False Casting

Waving the rod too much will cause the reflection of the sun to disturb the peace of the marsh. Minimize false casting and all unnecessary movements so that you don’t scare the fish away.

7 - Fish On The Flat Edge

If you are looking to hook a bigger fish, try looking for the edge of the flat where the water tends to run deeper. It is home to more varieties of fish, most of which are bigger than when you stay in shallow waters.

8 - Aggressive Use Of Bait

No fly in the natural world will pursue a fish. If you use the fly unnaturally, the chances are the fish will swim away without taking a nibble.

9 - Not Practicing Your Casting Skills

In the marsh, timing and correct casting will affect the success of the trip. If you know that your casting needs extra work, practice before heading out so you don’t waste your time on the marsh.

10 - Causing Waves

If you are rocking your boat while on the marsh it is a guarantee that the fish will swim away. Work on your balance and be sure to keep a steady foot on the boat to avoid spooking the fish.

11 - Fish With An Expert

Going to the marsh with a couple of beginners will only lead to a disappointing trip. Ask someone with experience on marsh fishing to be your guide so you don’t have to learn every trick by yourself.

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