Why you should learn to paraglide - By: Mr John Marius

Description : It might not be feasible to fly like a eagle, but you can zoom like an eagle. For people with the fantasy of flying, now you can actually make it happen. Paragliding is possibly the simplest way, and also the fastest way if you want to learn to fly.
The million dollar question is, how can you get started? Well there are a few pointers you should keep in mind before you learn to paraglide.
Before you get started, try to understand that paragliding or riding electric mountain bikes might not be for you. You might be intimidated by your deepest fears that you think you can’t overcome. In some cases, people don’t like it! Nonetheless, the only way to figure out is to go out and try it. As people say, never give up before trying your best.
Advantages of paragliding
• Most of the paragliders just weight 30 pounds and can be packed more conveniently within the car.
• You can conveniently carry it and you don’t need any special device to transport it.
• Purchasing a paraglide is much cheaper than purchasing a glider plane or an airplane. As a matter of fact, you won’t even require a license to fly a paraglider.
• Paragliding is quite safe, simple to learn and also reasonable.
Simpler to learn than hang gliding
From the safety point of view, when you learn to paraglide, it will impart you more control over the landing or takeoff. Not only do you have complete control while you take off, you can select the height at which you will be flying. Understanding this will simplify your thoughts and make you more confident while flying like an eagle.
Practicing at a low or moderate height will make you more confident when you start learning. You will glide much slowly than a hang glider and thereby make you more confident with the passage of time. When you are flying over 100 feet, you can’t make panic your companion.
As you don’t have to jump off from the cliff of a mountain, facing your deepest fears is now much simpler. Though you can decide to back out any moment, however, while hand gliding, when you start running, you can’t stop unlike Ozone firefly.
Go for USHGA rating
For most cases, it may just take 5 to 10 lessons to get a novice rating. Yes it’s true! You will be rated according to the level of your skill. Hence, you don’t have to guess or permit your ego to judge your abilities.
Cost of paragliding
It will cost you almost $1200 to learn it in case you want to get a novice rating. If you want to learn to paraglide, all the information you require can be accessed on the USHGA website. I wish you all the best on your endeavor regarding flying.

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