Five Misconceptions about Louvered Roof Pergolas - By: Steve Nakousis

Description : Australians love to spend as much time outdoors as possible to soak up all the warm weather before the winter arrives. If you want to extend your living space and spend more time entertaining outdoors, you can add a louvered roof pergola.

But, in the world of pergolas and outdoor patio cover systems; there are many myths which you should not believe. Yes, there are plenty of misconceptions about pergolas and most of them are not true.

In this article, let us go through top five misconceptions about louvered roof pergola which are myth not true.

- They are not as useful as retractable awnings

It is not true! While there is no much difference between awnings and pergolas, they both offer the same benefits. Moreover, louvered pergola provides much comfort than awnings.

The louvered pergola can be opened to let the sunlight in and closed to provide shade or block the rain. The pergola features a built-in gutter system that is designed to collect the water and distribute safely. The downspouts of pergolas are carefully hidden inside the columns. They are available in different colours, shapes, and size so that you can customise them according to the architectural style of your house.

- Pergolas need a lot of maintenance

While it is not true, maintenance of the pergolas depends on the material. You should maintain the pergola to enhance the appearance and increase the lifespan. Moreover, knowing how to care for is essential because pergolas can be made from many different materials such as plastic, vinyl, wood, and metal. Each material requires different maintenance. However, irrespective of what the pergola is made of, it is always advisable to house down to remove the dirt that may be clinging on the surface.

- They do not withstand harsh weather

Not only a louvered roof pergola can withstand the weather, but it is actually built to do just that. Pergolas can be fitted with a sensor that automatically opens and closes the slats depending on the wind or rain, protecting the patio from the elements.

- They are not worth the cost

Do you know there is a great ROI involved with louvered pergolas? Yes, the upfront louvered pergola price is returned with every minute of enjoyment you receive from it over the years.

Moreover, if it is installed in commercial space, it not only maximise the outdoor space but also attract more customers that eventually increase ROI.

They also add value to your property when you try to sell your house or commercial space.

- Their lifespan is short

When it is maintained well, the louvered roof pergola can last longer. Many manufacturers provide lifetime warranty as well.

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