Can rituals help me in getting married soon. - By: Vikas Gowda

Description : There is a famous proverb in English that says - "Marriages are made in heaven". It is rightly said and is an occasion at which two beautiful souls come together and promise each other saying we will be together throughout our life or eternity. There are few circumstances where both whether it is a boy or a girl finds it very difficult to find their soulmates and get married early. As per hindu tradition it is believed that there are few rituals that can help these individuals find the right soul mates. So, now let us look into those rituals in detail below:-

Firstly, It is believed that by performing two most famous rituals that is worshiping lord ganesh and performing sunderkhand path that is worshiping lord hanuman or in simple words called as the money god would help both the individuals find the right soulmates of their choice and would lead a happy life.

Secondly, As soon as you think of marriage the first god that comes to every ones mind is "Lord Shiva". Most of the people in india take example of lord shiva and goddess parvati for perfect couple or in order to showcase happy married life. By worshipping lord shiva it is believed that both lord shiva and parvati will bless the individual irrespective of their gender to find the beloved life partner.

Finally, It is believed that goddess durga or one of its avatar that is known as katyayani devi is one of the goddess that would remove all the hurdles in the way of both boy and the girl in getting married. This ritual to the goddess durga is normally performed during navaratri festival or in simple words can be called as the festival of 9 nights where the 9 avatars are goddess durga are worshipped.

so, these are few of the rituals that came to my mind. If you guys have any other marriage related rituals in mind and would think would be helpful to others. please let us know.

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