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If you want to make moisturizing bath salts, then you'll need to add some natural oils. Olive oil is really a great oil that is sold in pretty much every grocery store.


The best colorant for bath salts is ordinary food coloring that is old. To share with in cases where a colorant is safe for cosmetic usage, then check that it is one of those authorized by the Food And Drug Administration. Many food colorants are considered safe for cosmetics. The figures "FD & C Red No. 40" means Red color 40 is safe for Food, Drugs & Cosmetics. Some meals colorants don't have the FD&C in the bins, but then it's typically considered safe for cosmetics too if it says "food color.


Cosmetic grade fragrances or oils that are essential maybe not ordinarily present in supermarkets, but essential oils are available in some health stores. You will have to order your EO (essential oils) or FO (fragrance natural oils) from a seller that is reputable or find a wellness shop that offers EO.
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Colourants also come in two main different types, most often utilized in a liquid kind but is found as being a dry powder that will be best employed for our function.

Formality over lets have a great time making bath bombs!


_ 1 glass citric acid

_ 2 cups soda that is baking

_ 20-30 drops oils that are essential on power of scent

_ food colorant (dry pigment is best)

_ tiny amount of water or witch hazel (used in your spray container

Firstly mix together your citric acid and baking soda to a powder that is fine. If you have a sieve this is a good way of making sure they truly are completely blended. You can include you dry color pigment at the same time during this period too.

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Author Resource : Allow to dry 24 - 48 hours before enhancing.

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