Which one Mobile Monitors Fire the best for you? - By: Chief Fire

Description : The significance of mobile monitors has been immensely increasing day by day. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that it can be fit as per requirements. These are used to discharge the high volumes of extinguishing agent for cooling or for fire suppression.

The fact is that the flow rates of these monitors are higher than portable nozzles as well as these are much longer than available in standard branch pipes.

These monitors are basically mounted on a rotating base that endows a 360° horizontal movement, while the vertical movement can be set to an entire angle of around 150°.

Moreover, Mobile Monitors fire is portable, wheeled, or can be mounted on trailers and even used for fixed installations. These can be operated in the several ways:

• Manually: In this way, there is a use of different devices to operate it flawlessly such as chains, hand wheelchairs or handlebars.

• Remote control system: In this way, hydraulic or electric motors are used.

• Self-oscillating: In this way, monitor moves horizontally in a pre-set angle by the help of self-oscillating system.

Which are the best types of Mobile Monitors Fire?

If you have planned to buy Mobile monitors for your fire station, you can choose the best one among these two:

It is a lightweight trailer-mounted monitor having the potential to deliver up to 6000 GPM (22712 LPM) of water/foam solution. Being designed like a light duty truck, it can be instantly delivered to the developing hazard. It is a used when hose lines and pumping systems have been attached. Moreover, the control of these mobile monitors can be achieved by the way of manual handwheels by a single fireman.

Longbow is another effective mobile monitor trailer having the capacity to deliver up to 12000 GPM. It was designed with extended platform and footprint that endows the unit 360 degrees horizontal coverage. Moreover, all the piping is stainless steel with a standard 12” Storz inlet provided. It has offered distinct inlet options and unit customization such as flow rate, colour, electric/wireless control, etc. as well.

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