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Description : You must have heard about Lean Six Sigma coaching and certification, if not than in brief this is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement in businesses. Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two methodologies – Lean and Six Sigma, wherein Six Sigma stresses on eliminating errors within processes and Lean strategy emphasizes on identifying unnecessary steps that consume effort and resources.

These two methodologies have been combined to provide relevant training. Lean Six Sigma Training is in high demand across industries, especially in manufacturing, healthcare, IT, finance, and transport and hospitality sectors. The most vital benefits of implementing Lean Six Sigma methodology in businesses are cost reduction, revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

How Lean Six Sigma Coaching Helps in Career Growth

Professionals with Lean Six Sigma certification are always in high demand as they have a very good understanding on implementing the tools and methods of Lean Six Sigma in a project and also they are good leaders. They can teach and implement the whole team on methods of process improvement.

Lean Six Sigma is a great way to improve and work on your leadership tools. It trains and provides you with valuable analytic and process skills applicable to high-level management positions. With Lean Six Sigma training you will get a deep understanding of the steps involved in problem-solving and reducing waste. It teaches you managerial skills and improves your leadership abilities. Your Six Sigma certification offers you an advantage above the competition and on personal front you will also develop problem solving and leadership acumen.

A Six Sigma certification into your profile shows your commitment towards cultivating your business understanding and analytical abilities. Lean Six Sigma certification makes a professional stand out from the competition. This in turn leads to better chances of occupation, career growth and a better salary.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

The Lean Six Sigma certification has three levels - Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt. One does not need to be certified for all levels. You need to select the level which is most suitable to your career objectives.

The first level is about the basics of Lean Six Sigma. It is perfect for people who are in supporting role in various improvement projects. One needs to do this basic level for doing all levels of Lean Six Sigma.

Green Belt certification is for professionals who is a part of management team or who wants to be in the management team. It is best suited for people assisting with data collection and analysis. Green Belt coaching trains you to implement Lean Six Sigma proficiently.

Black Belt certification is for team leaders. It also helps in problem-solving projects. At the Black Belt level, one gets complete understanding of all aspects of Lean Six Sigma

There are many institutes offering online and classroom Lean Six Sigma training. To understand the concepts you must get certification from best Lean Six Sigma Training Institute where the trainers will teach through simulation. Lean Six Sigma is a challenging concept and its best to learn through examples so that the concepts stay fresh for long time to come.

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