Unknown facts about Jackie Chan - By: Azad Ahmad

Description : Jackie Chan was born in the year 1954 on 7thApril. He is a multi-talented person. He is a martial artist, stuntman, actor director, producer, screenwriter, and singer.Jackie Chan is also considered as successor to Bruce Lee in the Chinese film, especially in Hong Kong. Apart from these, he is also an entrepreneur from Hong Kong. His films are famous for the combination of comedy and action. He is loved by all group of individual starting from young to old men.He is said a one man film industry.
Jackie Chan is a well-known figure but hardly few people know that his real name is Chan Kong-Sang. So, basically he got the name ‘Jackie’ when he was a construction worker in Canberra, Australia. He was sent to a boarding schoolas his father was a spy for Chinese Nationalist Government and his mother was a stage performer. He was energetic since childhood so his nick name is Pao-Pao which means cannonball. He has studied in an opera Academy.When he was in his childhood age,he concludes that he literally knows to sing.Singing is not just a hobby for him. He started acting since the age of five. He performed vocals in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese, and English.He first appeared in the film named Big and Little Wong Tin Bar in the year 1962. Jackie Chan has proved his talents in the film “Chinese Zodiac” where he was the director, manager, art director, prop man, writer, composer, executive producer, producer, unit producer, cinematographer, manager, gaffer, stunt coordinator, food caterer, stuntman, and theme song vocalist. In the year of 1986, Chan organized his own production company. In 1993, Jackie turned into him a great performer in the Melodramatic Crime Story. A comic book character was created by himself which brought a great success in Asia and U.S. His fans can contact him at Jackie Chan contact number.
He is so dedicated artist and even he had temporary paralysis, as he used to do all of his own stunts.In one of his stunt he hurt his tailbone. In fact he met with an accident during “Armour of God” and now has permanent plastic plug in his skull. Jackie Chan was almost on the state of dying. Due to his stunt, he was supposed to jump on a tree, but unfortunately he missed the tree and landed on rocks.He anyhow didn’t die. He broke his nose thrice, dislocated his shoulders, his pelvis, and sternum, and crushed his thighs between two vehicles. It is really weird for us to know that he portraits such a strong image but he is basically scared of needles.And he suffers from glossophobia which means he fears public speaking. He is a very generous and kind hearted person.He used to pay insurance for his stunt team as the stunt team had none. He is very strict as a parent.Again, he owns hundred thirty million dollars but refused to give any to his son as he wants to be a self-made man and not a dependent or parasite on his father. For any type of queries related to his upcoming movies, you can contact the officials at Jackie Chan office address.

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