Why you cannot trust insurance companies for personal injury claims? - By: Eve Jones

Description : Personal injury claims get to be the biggest headache when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. While you are going through any of the car accident injuries or damages due to any road crashes, it is likely to seek compensation from the insurance company. This insurance company could either be yours or the at-fault party but the aim is to get fairly compensated for the incurred loss, injuries or property damages. This is when they show up their true colors. Let us discover the common scenarios which will give you obvious hints for not trusting them to act fairly.

1. Forcing for Early Settlements
Even if you hire personal injury attorneys and they are already dealing with the insurance company, the latter might reach out to you outside the knowledge of your personal injury lawyers with an intention to make you agree upon quick settlements. This is more probably the lowest amount you will receive from them but they will try consolidating you to agree with the same as the best amount.

At a point, you might feel that they are forcing you to take that quick settlement otherwise you will not receive any claims in future. In such cases, you don’t need to worry and discuss freely with your attorney so they can take necessary steps against the company.

2. Constant Efforts to point-out your fault
Basically stating, insurance companies are not established to serve the society. They too are big businesses settled with an idea of showing impressive benefits to customers and convert them into members and make money from them by lowering their compensations during claims. Yes, they make the profit this way but this does not mean to keep yourself refrained from the benefits of being insured.

They will even make unrealistic excuses and try to point-out your fault from every end so that they can even cut-off your claims. You just need to be safe and in most cases, it is not your cup of tea to deal with them alone so you will definitely need to hire personal injury lawyers who are well experienced in this field and know very well how to get them on track.

3. Trying to Collect Recorded Statements
Most articles read that you need to exchange your personal details with other driver but more precisely, you just need to exchange insurance details more importantly. This forms a base for your case which will help Personal Injury Attorneys to frame your case further.

Insurance Company will try to call you or reach you through any other ways and try to ask you questions such that they can record your statement. They might even try to get some document signed just as a formality but they will later act on it on a serious note. You might be asked to pen down everything you remember regarding the accident on which they will try to find out loop-holes to escape.

4. Imposing Terms and Conditions
Don’t get surprised if your insurance company notifies you to get your treatment done from the clinic suggested by them. This is a trick they use to settle you as early as possible by notifying you that you have reached your maximum compensation amount even though you have not recovered.

You can undoubtedly get your treatment done from the doctor you wish to reach instead of relying on the one stated by them and they are liable to pay for your medical expenses.

5. Keeping an eye on you
Like you have hired personal injury attorneys to handle your case, they too have hired attorneys to represent their side. Their attorneys will, in turn, keep an eye on your routine which includes your active presence on social media, the parties you attend and so on during the course of the claim. They are looking for clues to state that you don’t deserve the claims you have actually made and might even use your old photographs stating that they are recent ones.

Dealing with insurance companies is worth dealing with Personal Injury Lawyers and your burden is unloaded if you hire the best of them. Instead of stressing and messing in the head, reach out the nearest attorneys at your help so you can get your maximum deserved compensation.

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