What if you suffer car accident injuries due to pedestrian? - By: Eve Jones

Description : Car accident injuries are fatal whether you are hit by a truck or motorcycle. You are almost aware of your rights when you are a victim but do you know what to do if it was not your fault but you hit against a pedestrian? It might be partially your fault or theirs but you should know that Laws are strict for drivers than pedestrians as the injuries caused to them are vital than the ones caused to driver and passengers inside the vehicle.

Both scenarios are possible when pedestrians have right to claim and when they are the at-fault party of the scene. As per state laws, pedestrians don’t have the right to cross the road whenever they wish. This means that those pedestrians who act negligently are responsible for the scene as it was them who were not aware of vehicles on road. In such a situation, all they can do is hire an Auto Accident Attorney who can help them out.

How Pedestrians relate to Negligence?
Here are the four possible scenarios when pedestrians can be held responsible for the scene:
1. When the crosswalk or pedestrian path is not clear, they should not cross the road. In such situations, not only they put their lives in danger but others life at risk too as the drivers have to suddenly trigger break. They must be responsible for their own choices.
2. If the pedestrian is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he himself will not be in a condition to make a decision that whether he should cross the way or not. Hence, it is impossible for the unsuspecting driver to conclude whether he is sane or influenced by alcohol or anything else.
3. Those pedestrians who follow ‘break the traffic rules’ don’t walk with a banner. So when they suddenly cross, drivers don’t expect their sudden appearance and hence they are totally responsible for the event.
4. The reckless and careless walkthrough is dangerous and stressful as it confuses drivers to take immediate actions due to wandering pedestrians in and out of traffic.

What should you do in case of car accident injuries due to negligent pedestrians?

It is likely that a report is filed as soon as you meet an accident with a reckless and careless pedestrian. The first and foremost thing you need to do is immediately contact a Personal Injury Lawyer after the police have reported the scene. It is a qualified personal injury attorney who knows which evidences he needs to gather for proving your innocence and the faults of the opponent. Without lawful know-how, you cannot navigate smoothly with your case and hence consulting an experienced lawyer is the only way out.

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