Tricks And Tips For Making Money Doing Online Surveys - By: Katharina Haddad

Description : Create a junk e-mail account. Ok, this step may not make filling out surveys easier but it will keep you sane when you try to check your personal e-mail. The companies advertising through surveys are relentless they will never stop and they always seem to get past spam blockers.

This is an absolutely must for anyone thinking about doing surveys. Download roboform and use it to its fullest. Roboform is a program that stores your information and with the click of a button you can automatically fill in most of the blank fields on a survey. You can create multiple profiles. It is best if you create a profile exclusively for survey use with your junk e-mail account. This cuts down on survey time by at least a minute, more if you are a slow typist.

Use and abuse CCleaner. This program removes advertisers cookies from your system. That way, when you complete a survey and move onto the next one the advertisers wont recognize their cookie and decide not to pay you. Use it every time for increased approval rates on your surveys

Pay it forward? Actually don't! The advertisers get really tricky and trick the average Joe into completing more than they really needed to. Pay attention the the URL bar everytime you click, at some point the URL will change completely (for some surveys) at this point the survey is over and you are offering them your time for free.

Dont do silver offers. No really, I dont care if they offer you a free Iphone dont do them. You will end up completing a free relatively cheap offers only to find out that you have to sign up for offers near the end that would cost you more then buying the product to begin with. Just say no thanks collect your payment for the survey and save yourself on average a few hundred bucks.

Suprisingly not many people know about this trick and it saves me on average three minutes a survey! Hold down the Alt key and press the plus + symbol. This will mark all of those pesky yes no boxes as no. Now select one yes and move on!

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