Snippets From Chapter 1 Aquarius Agenda Part 5 - By: Paul Guzman

Description : by Jonathan M. King.
If humanities history was a clinical case of a single individual human being, his diagnosis would be: chronic paranoid delusions with a pathological propensity to commit murder plus acts of extreme violence and bizarre cruelty against illusory perceived 'enemies'-his own unconsciousness projected outward. Criminally insane, with a few brief lucid intervals.-Eckhart Tolle
Some men in history are praised and kept in high esteem for his or her deeds, even cast in wrought iron and place on pedestals, while careful probing will show them to happen to be complete monsters with low morals, no principals, decidedly evil. This is happening of all time with as an example the family Bush. If you take a peek within their background you can find all sorts of horrors like connections on the Nazi's, (Prescott Bush was involved with financing the Nazi war machine and was really shut down beneath the trading with all the enemy act.) Or connections on the JFK assassination, not forgetting the dubious ties to the Bin Laden family. Strange we all think about Putin to be ex KGB, our propaganda machine makes this common knowledge but how most of us know that George Herbert Walker Bush was director with the CIA right before stepping up to bat for that republicans? Don't take my word for it, there are many books, documents, archives, and information available and yes while there are many of sensationalists about there are many of serious people who have hard evidence. Try reading or doing a world wide web search for that book Family of Secrets by way of example by investigative journalist Russ Baker.
We kid ourselves that individuals actually are now living in a democracy and vote people into power while anybody who remembers the fiasco around the Bush vs Gore voting scandal is aware of this is simply not so. It would have been a family grab for power backed with the big bucks. And what came next looked pretty much like the actions of a war lord: 'I'm a war president, I'm a war president' he kept repeating on T.V. with a big smile...So when did this crazy shit actually start?
When the Americas were found this same model of evil ran amuck without restraint, nobody was watching. Hernan Cortes accomplished the bloodiest most underhanded looting parties ever on the people of South America. While Spain did not know quite what to do with him, he eventually became embraced through the crown having streets named after him and having statues erected depicting him in victorious poses on horseback. First that they tried to kill him but after he murdered half their army and absorbed the remainder, he sent chests packed with gold to assist change their tune..being continued. End part 5

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