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Are You Making These 13 Mistakes Thinking About Home Business?

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By : Stanislaw Pena    99 or more times read
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Unfortunately, many potential millionaires shy away from the fantastic opportunities open to them in the online world simply because they are afraid to take the first step thanks to a few baseless online business myths.

This is why, in this article we will go on a myth busting spree and expose the truth behind thirteen of the biggest online business myths to help you unlock your mind and sink your teeth into this ever-growing online business pie:

Online Business Myth #1: I lack the brains to run my own business-

This maybe true, but true it is, only for less than 1% of the people reading this article. Anyone with an average level of intelligence and the desire to grow and learn can build an income stream online. Just like any other business, in order to earn a real income from the web, you have act in a sensible way and do things right rather than chasing one business opportunity after the other. It is also important to create your own product; something that others can use and need. Once you have an idea, believe in it and put it to work. And that is half the battle won.

Online Business Myth #2: I just do not have enough time grow an online source of income-

If you are working a full time job and meeting family commitments leaving you with little time to explore an online business opportunity, then that little time you have on your hands is really all that you need! This is simply because if you want something bad enough, you will make time to get it. Try eking out a couple of hours after dinner each day consistently and just watch the benefits unfold before you!

Online Business Myth #3: I am not in a position to invest in a new business-

This would have been a bitter truth. Only if you felt this way, TEN years ago! Starting a new venture online today could not be easier on the wallet. You do not have to bust the bank to get a website made nowadays. In fact, with some basic DIY know-how and ready made website templates, you can build your own site and host it for less than 50 measly bucks! There are also loads of services online that will help you market your site and grow your opt-in list for a few 100 bucks. These services were nowhere to be seen some 10 years back, but today you can avail them to your benefit at amazingly low rates and reap in the rewards as you go along.

Online Business Myth #4: I lack Experience and Expertise-

You do not need it. That is what is so great about the internet. When you go online, you have access to an ocean of knowledge on just about every topic under the sun at your fingertips! All you need is a desire to learn and you can start researching and collecting information online. This way, you can become an expert in almost any topic that you are interested in.

Online Business Myth #5: I do not have a Product of my own-

If you are reluctant to go looking for an online source of income just because you do not have something to sell, then you should probably read up about the affiliate marketing industry. The concept is quite simple, you have to promote other peoples products and make commission on every sale that is effected through your efforts. There are several merchant affiliate programs that will help you do this easily, allowing you to make tons of money without even having a product of your own!

Online Business Myth #6: My business idea already exists out there-

For me, excuses are like smelly armpits and this one stinks the most by far. If you feel that the ship has sailed on your venture just because some else has already successfully implemented your business plan, then you need to start thinking in a totally different direction. This is because, if some one thought up a similar idea and has put it to work successfully, then chances are you can also do the same and better, simply because you can learn from the mistakes the other person has made and make less mistakes of your own! Remember that there are thousands of sites doing the same business online and yet surviving successfully, so there is really no reason why you would not fare equally well in your opportunity.

Online Business Myth #7: Most people Making REAL Money are those telling others How to make profits online-

It is a fact that there are several business gurus out there literally minting cash by offering advice to novices. But if you look at the bigger picture, such businesses hardly comprise even a fraction of 1% of all the businesses online. Remember, you have full control over the nature and workings of your business and you do not need to be a business guru to make money from it.

Online Business Myth #8: I have tried several business ideas and none have worked for me-

If you have been playing around with a number of business options, but have not been able to find any real success then that is only because you are going about the whole thing the wrong way. The key to setting up a proper business, be it off line or online is to build on it from the ground up without letting anything else distract you. In online terms, you may need to set up a website, grow your opt-in list, communicating with your prospects, networking with your peers and actually running a fully functional business.

Online Business Myth #9: Even if I had a website I do not think it would do well without a top search engine ranking-

First things first, yes it is difficult to get the top spot in search engine rankings to begin with. However, the secret to getting there is to implement multiple marketing strategies in order to gradually increase the number of hits your site gets every month. Search Engine Rankings maybe a good indication of a sites popularity, but in reality, most of the sites doing great business on the web, use alternative methods which are equally effective.

Online Business Myth #10: I will not get anywhere without a big budget for advertising-

Well this one is a no-brainer for anyone who has tried advertising on the internet. You DO NOT need a big advertising budget online especially since basic advertising strategies are also extremely effective. You can try using networking, opt-in marketing with email newsletters or follow-up series etc. These methods are extremely cost effective and will help you grow your business as well as, if not better than any other expensive form of advertising.

Online Business Myth #11: There is way too much competition-

Just like a coin, there are two sides to this issue as well. Sure, there are a lot of people occupying just about every niche on the internet, but that does not mean you should run scared of the competition. This is because there is virtually no limit to the potential of the online industry and as the internet grows like an ever expanding universe, no matter how many people get onto the web bandwagon there will always be room for more people to join in and flourish on the same platform.

Online Business Myth #12: This is not a real business-

Well let me put it this way, people earning a living online are real people, they eat real food, they carry real cash in their pockets, they drive real cars and they live in real houses. They work just as hard, they have to market their business, sell their products etc. just like any other business. I am sure you get my drift.

Online Business Myth #13: Sitting in front of the Computer for extended durations is bad for my health -

Okay! Now this one maybe rare, but surprisingly enough this is just the kind of excuse some people think up so that they do not have to go out of their way and start a brand new venture online.

The message I am trying to get across here is, if all you want to do is procrastinate or be pessimistic without even trying, then you probably will not get anywhere in life. So be positive, make things happen and before you know it you will become another .com success story!
Author Resource:- Stanislaw Pena is a Home Based Business Entrepreneur. Holds Marketing degree and loves online business.
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