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How To Pick Out The Right Psychic Counselor For You And What To Avoid

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By : Craig Howell    99 or more times read
Submitted 2012-05-28 10:10:19
First of all, I use psychics or clairvoyants like I use my mechanic or my doctor. That is to say, I have a relationship with them and trust their guidance. Then it is up to me to make the final decision about things. But how do we get to that point of trust to begin with?

I would look for a psychic counselor who is recommended by someone who has had good guidance from them. Usually when we are seeking guidance, someone will give you the connection you need or you will feel like you want to try someone. Follow your intuition.

Then you have to have a positive experience and the person must validate to you something about yourself that they could not have known, or about something in the past. They have to get it right. You don't necessarily have to test them, but listen to what they say. They may come out with something in the middle of nowhere. It's good to record sessions so you don't miss any of that. If you like them, then you may want to see them a couple more times to be sure. It is a matter of each person's energy being in alignment with each other.

There are so many psychics out there. Everyone has their own way about getting information. From my teachings, it is my belief that each psychic can access different levels. I prefer people who can reach a very high vibrational level. But the higher you go, the more information you will get about what you can do to help yourself achieve your goals for the betterment of your soul. This wouldn't be that satisfying to those wanting to know when the soulmate or the money is going to show up.

Generally, there are 3 types of counselors: Psychics or clairvoyants (which means clear-seeing), Mediums, and Trance Channelers. Some have triggers, like Tarot cards, Runes or automatic writing, and all can have varying degrees of heightened ability to see, hear or feel. We have that too, but may have not developed it, either in this life or in the past lives.

Mediums work with the astral realms, usually contacting deceased relatives. They can help to support the grief-stricken, but can be hit or miss, depending on their personal energy. This is because they are accessing an area where souls who have just passed on may be imparting info that may not be wholly correct, or will be true for the moment, as their spirit guides do not have the perspective that higher beings have on the other side.

Another is called a channeler, one who assumes a trance-like state. They can be in a more conscious condition when channeling or can be totally oblivious to what information is coming through them, not remembering anything that they said during a session. These people can be mediumistic in nature, as they are allowing access of another entity or energy to communicate, but can also be a translation of much higher vibrational forces, such as Ascended Masters or Archangels. It depends a lot on the energy and desire of the trance channel. Again, it is up to the individual seeker to determine what type of entities they want to deal with and what information they wish to receive.

Whoever you go to, if you are asking someone if you should do something and they tell you YES or NO, you do have the choice of taking the advice or not. They probably should be telling you what will happen if you DO try something, or what will be happening as of now, but which can change. Or they might tell you what options are available where it seems as if there would be positive outcomes.

Watch out for those who use fear to extract money from you. If you go to someone and they offer to release a supposed curse on you, or have them put a "spell" on someone for you by charging you money, that's a red flag. Get up and walk out, holding no ill will toward that person. Also beware of the phone-in, pay-by-the-minute types, as you can't really know who you are connecting with and it can get very expensive quickly.

If you are looking for predictions, remember that no one can really get the future 100% all the time. We have free will, and what is true one minute will change the next depending on the thoughts and feelings we are having and the actions we take. Potentials are always hazy for any psychic. There are just so many variables to foretelling the future. In a nutshell, our free will and karmic condition will form the basis for most of our future events, and both can be altered.

Outside guidance is good, but your heart always knows the truth, so use it. If you ask yourself a question, check out how you feel about it. Do you get a feeling of "Yes, I want to pursue this. This is exciting." or "No, I feel like I don't want to move on this right away." Or it may be that in your mind you want to do it, but you just feel like it would be too hard, like you have to work to get yourself to do it. To me, a "no" is like a feeling of pushing up against an invisible wall.

Find a psychic counselor who you can trust and use their information as guidance, not the final answer. We all need a little help making a decision once in a while, or confirmation that we are headed in the right direction, and a good psychic that you can trust can help you a lot. But in the end, trust your gut feelings and trust your heart, that's your best guidance, because your heart is the pathway to your Soul, the place of your individual truth.
Author Resource:- france air max Craig Howell is a freelance writer and director of The Eyes of Kwan Yin, a spiritual work. Channeled teachings, products and services, events and more. Get free monthly messages from Kwan Yin and the Ascended Masters.
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