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Judo In Practice And In Theory

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By : Jimmy Cox    99 or more times read
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Shime-waza (strangles) are an important part of judo. The strangles explained in this article are: nami-juji-jime (normal cross strangle), kata-juji-jime (half cross strangle), kata-juji-jime (half cross strangle): a modification and okuri-eri-jime (sliding collar strangle). These strangles are a most important part of judo practice.

1.Nami-juji-jime (normal cross strangle)
As your opponent lies on his back, you straddle his abdomen in front and place both your knees on the mat. Grasp his left collar with your left hand and his right collar with your right hand in the regular hold as deeply as possible. Strike your upper body towards his face, simultaneously pulling both your elbows outwards to create the proper pressure for the strangle.

a.The movement of your arms must be a smooth movement parallel with the pressing forward of your chest against your opponent.
b.Your hands must be placed deep inside your opponent's collar.
c.When you apply nami-juji-jime from underneath, you must prevent your opponent from using the defensive power of his waist and abdominal region by breaking the posture of that region.

2.Kata-juji-jime (half cross strangle)
If it is difficult for you to grasp both of your opponent's lapels, then you may apply kata-juji-jime on him. Straddle him with one or both of your knees on the mat. Then grasp his left lapel as far back as possible with your right hand in the regular palm-down hold and with your left hand in the palm-up hold. Carry your right arm up and around his head toward your left and press the right side of his neck.

Push down both your elbows while pulling them to the outside. Your right hand presses against his neck with its little-finger edge while your left hand presses with its thumb edge to execute the strangle. Kata-juji-jime can be applied from underneath too, as in nami-juji-jime.

KEY POINT: If you fall sideways while strangling your opponent, you must fall to the right side because your right hand is above the left; otherwise, your hold for the strangle will be broken.
You must remember this in all your judo practice.

3.Kata-juji-jime (half cross strangle): a modification
Let us study a modification of kata-juji-jime in which we attack the opponent from the side. He is lying on his side on the mat, and you are standing by him on his left side. Lower your waist and place your left knee on the mat. You then grasp his left lapel as far around to the back as possible with your left hand, palm upward. With your right hand
you grasp his right collar in the regular (palm down) hold. You then push him down with your right elbow while pulling your left hand to the left.

KEY POINT: In this technique your left hand cannot make use of the momentum that is produced when you press your body toward your opponent's face, since you sit at his left side. Therefore, in order to induce the whole of the momentum of your body into your right elbow, you should press your body toward your right elbow rather than toward your opponent's face.

4.Okuri-eri-jime (sliding collar strangle)
In both nami-juji-jime and kata-juji-jime you attack your opponent from the front. There are, however, some techniques in which you attack him from behind. Whenever he turns his back to you, you have a good opportunity to attack him. Okuri-eri-jime is one of the techniques of attack from the rear.

From behind, you grasp your opponent's left collar deeply with your right hand in the regular palm-down hold, placing your wrist under his chin. Grasp his right lapel with your left hand, which is inserted under and through his left armpit. Pull your right hand to the right and your left hand downwards to execute the strangle properly.

a.You must first deprive your opponent of the force of his waist and abdominal region, in order to immobilize the harmonious movement of all parts of his body.
b.With your right hand, grasp the farthest possible part of his left collar, and with your left hand, grasp his right front lapel. Pull his right lapel downward and his left collar toward the right side of his neck.

Study these strangles well and ensure they are always part of your judo practice.
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