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Ten Ways to Defend Yourself Using Karate

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By : Jimmy Cox    99 or more times read
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The crime rate has risen rapidly in the past few years and many penal experts predict it will continue to soar! The average man must learn how to defend himself against the roaming roughnecks. And Karate is the answer! You don't have to lift weights to practice Karate. No rigorous exercises at the gym are needed. Size and weight are not the primary factors in overcoming your attacker.

In Karate you need fear no man! Even a 200 lb. brute can be overpowered ... If YOU know how to use his own weight and size against him! Let us now demonstrate the proper basic karate defense against street attacks:

1. You are walking down a dark street. A man creeps up behind you. He grabs your right hand, pulls and twists it from behind in an attempt to get a strangle-hold on you. HOW TO DEFEND: Swing the foot opposite the hand being held and attack his face with smashing blows.

2. You're standing still on a street corner. A wise guy walks close behind you. Perhaps you had a few disagreeing words with him last week. Now he wants to get "even" with you. He suddenly pulls your right hand back and with the same motion pushes your shoulder forward. HOW TO DEFEND: Don't hesitate a moment. Give him the mule kick from the rear-and right to his solar plexus. He will loosen his grip and then you really go to work on him.

3. Two men sneak up behind you. Each grabs a hand, pulls it back and pushes your shoulders forward. HOW TO DEFEND: Attack one opponent with a rear mule kick. Attack second opponent with elbow blow to ribs. Free your self and run for safety.

4. A man goes berserk and tries to attack you with a knife. He attempts to strike you from an overhead position. HOW TO DEFEND: As he plunges down, you leap off at a 45 degree angle, land on your left foot and kick with your right foot at the maniac's knee. This will throw him off stride. Follow through with any of your Karate weapons.

5. A maniac tries to knife you in the stomach. HOW TO DEFEND: Fall forward to the floor diagonally and throw a roundhouse kick to the nut's groin with your right foot. This will make him double up with pain. With the same leg you thrust at the man's knee joint, throw him to the ground and disarm him.

6. A punk, reeking of liquor, tries to whack you with a back hand blow from across his body. HOW TO DEFEND: Basic karate should save you in this situation. Step in with your right foot and slash at his forearm with your right hand. Disarm him and strike at any nerve center.

7. A seedy looking, beady-eyed tramp tries to hold you up with a knife. He surprises you and holds the weapon against your stomach. HOW TO DEFEND: Make a motion with your right hand to distract his attention; then slash down with the left. If possible grab the tramp's wrist. Turn your body away from the knife and smash him in the Adam's apple.

8. A wild teenager tries to club you on the top of the head. HOW TO DEFEND: Move quickly with your left hand and push against the elbow joint of the attacking arm; then move in fast and counter attack with the elbow with smashes to the face and kicks to the groin.

9. An opponent tries to club you with a roundhouse swing. HOW TO DEFEND: Block the blow with a knife hand defense against his forearm and with your right hand deliver a stinging, smashing knife blow to your opponent's neck.

10. A man attempts to attack you with a backhanded swing of a club. HOW TO DEFEND: Lean to the side to dodge the attack and then counter with a sweeping roundhouse kick to the solar plexus or groin.

Know how to defend yourself with basic karate at all times to be safe.
Author Resource:- Learn All The Karate Secrets You Need To Defend Yourself With Speed And Skill Like The Legend, Bruce Lee.
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