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Rogue Leveling for World of Warcraft: Reaching Level 10: Part 2

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By : James Pilgrim    99 or more times read
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When reaching level 5 the latest objective is defeating Griknir the Cold and retrieving Grelin Whitebeards journal. If you are using a quest helper, you will be confused since this is in a cave. So when you head towards the marked area just remember it is about 60 to 75 yards to the right along the mountain.

Here you will encounter Frostmane Trolls, Novices, Whelps, and of course Griknir the Cold. The nice part about this quest is from the moment you encounter your first Frostmane, you will have to kill about 30 of them on your way to Mr. Cold.

It is quite easy, unless of course you get mobbed by three of them at a time. In the end you will gain 45 to 58 XP for each one you kill. Plus, when you defeat your main objective and make your way back, you will have to fight off all the respawners as well. This leaves you with about 1600 XP out of the 2800 you need to reach level 6. Once you complete the quest however, you will gain an additional 550 XP. Plus, Grelin will have another quest waiting for you.

Senirs Observations (Reaching level 6)

Now you must meet up with Mountain Thalos who is only about 400 yards away. During your run to this location, you will run through Coldbridge Pass giving you an additional 35 XP. Once you meet up with him you will earn 340 XP, and be just 2 bars away from level 6. In order to reach it you must deliver Grelins report to Senir Whitebeard in Kharanos. Unfortunately this is a hall to the next location hitting 800 yards away. The good news is you will reach Level 6 just by killing the Rockjaw Raiders on your way there.

Moving Up To Level 7

On your way to Kharanos you will open up Dun Morogh. If you want to save time, then stay on the road. We followed the Quest Helper right into the middle of a mountain with nowhere to go. Had we stayed on the road we would not have wasted 5 minutes running back. You will gain 45 XP for running through the Grizzled Den, as well as another 45 XP once you reach Kharanos. Giving Senir Whitebeard will throw another 340 XP to you, but not another quest. Instead travel up the road a bit and you will see several new quests available (grab them all).

One will take you passed the distillery where you must deliver a bunch of tools to Beldin Steelgrill. There area is called Steelgrills Depot and gives you another 45 XP. One thing to keep in mind here is that you should be able to work on other quests while travelling to the Depot. We suggest fighting the Crag Boars to get the ribs you need for the Beer Basted Boar Ribs quest.

To make a long story short you gain 110 XP from Mr. Steelgrill and then are left without another quest. However, you should have passed Loslor Rudge who will have one called Ammo for Rumbleshot. Remember to continue fighting the Boars on your way to complete this quest. Once there you will receive 550 XP, which is a nice boost to Level 7. Unfortunately we are still 1500 away. To be honest we ended up killing several Crag Boars in order to reach the 7th level. It was not easy getting the rib dropped for us, but we got there eventually and gained 650 to put us over the top once it was completed.

More Time on Level 8

If you have not figured it out already, the higher you reach in levels the longer it takes to get there. By now you should not only be at Level 7, but be out of quests. Head down the path of Kharanos and you will run into Senir Whitebeard. This next quest requires you to run 1100 yards, but if you do the second part first it is only 273 yards away. We suggest killing a bunch of animals along the way until you reach the Frostmane Hold quest.

One thing to understand once you start working towards level 8, is it is time to repair your armour, get new ones if need be, and head for a trainer. Actually, you can go to a trainer around level 5, but to save time there really is not a need for them until you get to level 7. You can find everything you need right in Kharanos by heading to the distillery. Once you are finished, then take on the Frostmane Hold Cave.

Whitebeard will relinquish a quest in Kharanos asking you to fully explore the cave itself. Again, make sure you level up your armour and training abilities before heading down there. The biggest reason is because you are still a level 7 and most of your enemies will be around level 9. During your exploration you will have to kill 5 Frostmane Headhunters as well to complete the quest. When you are finished head back Senir Whitebeard and he will reward you with a decent amount of XP.

Problems Between Level 7 and Level 9

We could sit here and explain every single quest to you, but if you are spending more time running with a ghost then actually fighting it will not matter. If this is you, we suggest you simply level up by killing the animals and creatures around you that are at the same level or at least one above. The XP they give out can be equivalent if not more than many of the quests. However, this will take a bit longer since you are isolating yourself to one way of gaining XP.

A Half Hour in the Auction House

During your questing from level 7 to level 9 you may want to take a trip to the Auction House. While there will not be many items for you to choose from considering your current level, there are good finds in the AH. In fact, you will notice a few inexpensive armour pieces that you could purchase to help fighting off those higher levels. The only downfall to this is you will need money and usually around 4 to 5 gold.

Getting the Gold

In order to get money at a low level you have to farm for it. Just keep on questing and you will come across items you can sell back to vendors. You will notice in the beginning that this is not a lot of dough, but after awhile it adds up. Our best suggestion here is to farm any sort of cloth you can sell in the Auction House. Since Tailoring is big in the World of Warcraft game, there is always someone at all levels looking to purchase a little cloth. The only problem is you may not want to spend the time doing it right now. Most people wait until around level 10.

Reaching Level 10 by Learning Your Abilities and Weapons

Since the first 10 levels revolve around killing everything in site and questing, it will be helpful to know what works best. Our favourite choice of abilities is the Gouge. This allows your Rogue to produce a massive blow and at the same time, stun your enemy for 4 seconds. You might be sitting there thinking 4 seconds does not sound like much, but when everyone seems to be charging to you all at once you will understand.

Another crucial point to the game is finding handy weapons to use. The AH is a great place to look for these if you do not find anything worth buying from nearby vendors. One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is thinking they must use a dagger the entire time. So make sure you head out and purchase a sword or axe, which will produce a lot more damage to your enemies then a simple dagger. Best of all you will save a massive amount of time when killing everything around you.

Just the Beginning

By now you have probably noticed that we have not even scratched the surface to everything available for you in the game. In our opinion, the reason Blizzard Entertainment allows you to reach level 20 during the trial period is because there is so much to see. Think about it, all this information above and we did not even cover everything regarding you reaching level 10. While this is true, we hope you found this informative and it helps you save an ample amount of time. It definitely did for us, the second, third and fourth time around.
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Article by James Pilgrim
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