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Dating and the Betrayal of Youth

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By : Alison Sardelli    99 or more times read
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You would be hard pressed to find a person who enjoyed the majority of changes that often come with aging. From the physical appearances that are altered, to the constant upkeep of some of the more basic physical needs, aging can be a difficult process for many people.

Along with all of the normal physical and mental health concerns that aging usually brings about another issue has become a common topic of conversations: how to look and act on the dating scene. Youth is often surrounded by a charm that our society in particular gravitates to: it is new. Any consumer cannot help but notice the constant theme that new is best, while old or used is often marked at a lower value. One might argue that the high cost of antique furnishings and decorations contributes something to the voice of attractive aging, but perhaps not quite loudly enough to change the more commonly found perception of aging VS attraction.

How then do you retain the ability to attract others when so many of the physical features that are considered attractive are altered by aging? Listen up:

* Core Attraction: Despite youth's wayward loyalty there are some things that remain the same however many years you have put on the clock: you as women, or men are still just that. Aging cannot rob you of your masculinity or femininity even when it tries to alter some of the basic functions. The essential essence of your sex is still captured in movement, style, attitude and interaction with others and in some cases these assets may have even been polished and perfected over time.

* Youth and Health: Heavy reconstruction on the body is an option that many people look into when trying to recapture the look of youth. Though in some cases this may help a person to feel more comfortable with aging it is often only a temporary escape of the inevitable. Another large problem with surgery is that in many cases people can still see signs of age despite the changes; this often sends out signals that the person is either trying to hide something and may therefore be deceptive, or that they are having great difficulty in dealing with onset of aging. Rather than attempting to appear more youthful, simply taking care of your body can be an excellent way to prevent an aging look. The physical appeal of youth is often triggered by an instinct that has been with our species for sometime: choosing healthier mates increases the chances for survival. The result of this is that however healthy or unhealthy the internal portions of a young person are, they appear young and healthy. Though this appearance can be a complete illusion the instinct is still present and conflicts with the idea that aging is attractive. The key word here is healthy: those who are aging, but maintain reasonably healthy lifestyles are often found attractive because that healthy look remains with them despite the aging process.

* Mind over Matter: A person who retains a youthful spirit in life can often be mistaken for a much younger person. It is perhaps because our society views old age as a winter-like state in which the bitter cold and lack of growth threaten to extinguish laughter and joy that we find just the opposite to be true about youth. Though in some ways this comparison is understandable, it in no way reflects the mind of an aging person. While there are younger people who have the personalities of the classic old grump there are elderly people who remain playful and exciting until the very last. Not allowing aging to alter those aspects of your personality which remind you of youth and adventure can be a key to feeling and appearing more youthful.

* Pasting Youth to all the Wrong Places: Though it may not seem fair or right that certain things should be specifically for the younger or older crowds, it is often so. Trying to adopt a new way of dressing, acting or talking that reminds one of younger people, but is almost seldom found with the older set can be a big mistake. The very basic concept that we expect to see certain objects near or around other objects is a daily part of our lives. Examples of this expectation can be found everywhere: a stoplight is often expected to be found at a busy intersection; a fence lining a property usually has a gate or opening; if you should order a bowl of cereal in a restaurant you would almost certainly expect milk to be provided with it. These examples are but a few of the parings we take for granted each day. The same is often true about clothing and speech patterns that are more exclusively found with certain age groups. Therefore, when an older person tries to adopt a teenager's style of speaking, or dressing, it often draws attention to the fact that the person is not a teenager, but is in fact much older. This is the exact opposite reaction that most people are hoping for when they attempt to submerge themselves in a more youthful style. For this reason it is often best to avoid any particularly age-related styles at all and instead focus on what makes you feel good about yourself without allowing fear to influence you. Fortunately our society is one that has many casual clothing styles worn by all ages that will not force a person to notice your clothing, but simply the amazing person inside of those cloths.

* Experience Wanted: It may be a cliche, but experience can be a very attractive asset. Time allows a person to diminish undesirable traits and enhance those which others may find attractive. Many young people, while charming, have yet to find the key to some of the most basic and immediate forms of attraction such as posture, body language and voice inflection. Understanding the effect of such things can produce a highly attractive individual at any age and can often stand up to the test of youth by making it appear awkward and less refined. Though outwardly there may be no signs, many people as they get on in years have had a great deal more experience with the physical interactions included in relationships and a full understanding of what they do and do not love to do with other people. This experience can be a very seductive quality in that much of the timidity and inexperience of youth has been shed, leaving only wants and desires that have been expertly mastered.

Youth may include the freshness and charm that inspire a great deal of physical attraction, but the wisdom and experience that only age can bring offers an attraction of a different kind; though perhaps just as physical in its' result the stimulation that achieves this alluring goal often brings about a unique kind of satisfaction and happiness to be found nowhere else.
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