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Strength Training and Its Effects From An Irvine Personal Trainer

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By : Steve Hochman    99 or more times read
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As an Irvine Personal Trainer I know that if you want to burn fat easily, quickly an effectively, then strength training is the answer. When a person strength trains they will find that it is the most productive form of exercise, however in order to reap the benefit there are certain principles involved that must be adhered to. These principles are critical to your success and they are progressive overload, intensity, and recuperation.

Progressive overload is the increase in the degree of force in the regular workout to force the muscle to exert more effort each training day. Either adding a little extra weight or resistance to the previous used or by doing an additional workout set can help to achieve progressive overload.

Intensity is the power or force you put into your training, making your muscles work at a higher level of performance. The intensity should increase from the previous session each time you workout. To be able to intensify the workout of muscles, perform one or two sets for each exercise bringing the muscle to overload. This means to continue doing the sets until you are physically incapable of doing them any longer, as the muscle has reached overload failure.

When strength training to the point of muscle overload, it is necessary to give your body time to recuperate. Recuperation is best achieved when long periods of rest are observed, from 2 to 7 days is normal resting time when strength training muscles. This gives time for the energy stored in the muscles to build up and allows the nervous system time to repair. If you do not allow your body the necessary recuperation time then you will only hinder your strength training progress.

Some Strategy to Make Strength Training Successful

* Strength training should only be done a maximum of three times a week!

* For small muscle groups like the arms and shoulders, do 1 or 2 exercises. For large muscle groups like legs, back, and chest, do 2 or 3 exercises. One to two sets per exercise are all that is needed.

* Select eight to ten exercises that you will do to muscle overload. Let the muscle do the work do NOT use inertia to do the work for you.

* Change up your training often. It is best to change the training that you are doing when progress slows.

* Keep a journal of all workout sessions. This will give you another visual of your progress.
Often times there are questions concerning toning vs. bulking, how many reps are necessary burning excess body fat, how often should training be done and what benefit will be seen from strength training. Here are some answers that will give you a better idea of what to expect.

1. Losing fats do not happen on one area of the body alone. When you workout to burn fats, the whole body would be affected, especially when the process is done by decreasing calorie intake. Burning calories and increasing muscle tissues can be done with strength training throughout the day or even while sleeping or resting.

2. Repetition of the training set depends on the target goal you set for your self. If your goal is to increase your strength then you should increase the intensity but only do 1-2 sets with each set being to muscle overload. If your goal is to increase muscle mass then do more sets 2-4 sets, with one of the sets to muscle overload.

3. To burn fat through strength training, you can do strength training 2 to 3 times a week. This way the muscle tissues will build properly and the calories will be burned each day as the muscles are built. There is also a lower chance of storing excess fat when strength training is done on a schedule such as this.

4. Bulking up is not an easy task. Muscles don't just bulk up with training or you'd find the gym full of guys with ripped muscles. Hormones in men and women are different and no matter how hard women strength train to tone down, their muscles will only attain minimum gains, unlike with men who bulk more easily. Adding muscle tissue is important as it increases metabolism, helps to reduce the chance of injury and reduces the chances of injury.

5. The benefits of strength training are numerous. There a positive effect to the body as well as the mind. The strength and flexibility of the body becomes better, the body's metabolic rate increases, muscle tone will increase and the level of stress a person feels is also decreased.

Strength training is the best way to turn your body into a fat burning machine so that you can achieve and remain in good health both mentally and physically.
Author Resource:- Steve Hochman is an Irvine Personal Trainer, and founder of Irvine Personal Training Company. Irvine Personal Training Company uses the Unstoppable Fitness Formula to tone up Irvine Ca residents.
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