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Are You Wearing A Relationship and Dream Repellent?

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By : Anisa Aven    99 or more times read
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Like the Earth's surface, we hold many layers of limiting beliefs in our consciousness. The outer layers (the crust and mantle of our consciousness) are those limiting thoughts that we know are there but we just haven't gotten around to doing anything about them. We tend to think they aren't that big of a deal and we procrastinate addressing them. Some are in the crust of our consciousness and nag at us daily. While others only appear occasionally and can be said to be further into our mantel of consciousness. We tend to believe they aren't that harmful and we rationalize with statements such as, 'everybody thinks this way, so why should I be any different?'

I call this 'wearing Relationship and Dream Repellent,' because, after all, we are choosing to ignore the repellent that we also choose to don.

Then there are the deeper, less obvious, outer-core thoughts that cause us to self-sabotage our dreams. We are vaguely aware of what's happening but we can't seem to stop ourselves from wreaking havoc on our good tidings. These are those self-sabotaging beliefs that hold us to limiting set-points (think about our weight set-point, for example) or our glass ceilings (think about the odd fact that most people earn no more than the median of their ten closest friends).

Our self-sabotaging thoughts try to keep us 'safe' by not allowing us to grow or change what we currently experience.
Lastly, there are our even deeper 'inner-core' beliefs that cause the discomfort we experience when we go through chemicalization.

Chemicalization, relationship and dream repellent and self-sabotage are the three external manifestations of our internal negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. The more confused we are about 'how something could have happened' the deeper and more subconscious the belief.

To become powerful conscious creators, it is up to us to dig deep into our layers, beyond the 'crust' of our awareness and into our outer and inner-core beliefs. I believe that through consciousness raising activities (such as meditation) and our constant excavation of our deeper limitations (such as with EFT), we begin to live a more miraculous, spontaneous and synchronistic life filled with magical manifestations!

Relationship and Dream Repellent: (Found mostly in the crust and mantle of our consciousness)

We wear Relationship and Dream repellent when we are attached to the outcome. Attachment turns the endless possibilities of how something we desire might manifest and whittles it down to one possibility. The result is a disruptive bottle neck that not only destroys our current happiness but limits our future.

We wear relationship repellent when we try online-dating, for example, but then continue to believe that 'only the desperate and freaky are online' thus we only attract the 'desperate and freaky'. We wear relationship repellent when we desperately and unrelentingly hold-on to a relationship even when the other partner says 'no', thus not only repelling that relationship but other possibilities as well.

We wear dream repellent when we imagine what it would be like to perform in another career, but then immediately say to ourselves, 'but, I don't have a degree in that' or 'but, I don't know anyone that has ever done this,' and suffocate the idea before it has a chance to take a breath.

Our limiting thoughts create the problem and only when we surrender to the Divine Order and surrender to 'not having it our way' can we extinguish the malodorous repellent. This is the practice of the law of detachment.

When we are attached, we are acting as if WE know better than the Divine within. Thus, we ignore the alternate routes and dismiss the doorways of unlimited possibility that are presented to us; we snub the signs-of-land as 'not what we ordered' and end up uprooting the dream seeds we've been planting. Before we get to reap the benefit of our intentions, we've already destroyed or at least thoroughly damaged the seeds that would have created our bountiful harvest.

When we detach, we allow ourselves to dream about 'what we want' and 'what we are willing to do' and 'what we are open to accepting' but we flow unattached about 'how it will happen'. This isn't to say that we don't ponder the possibilities of the 'how' because we will. It does mean, however, that as we flow between one 'how it will happen' to the next we are constantly saying, 'oh, this way would be wonderful too' and 'this or something better, now.'

(To see a visual image of what relationship repellent looks like, visit the product information page for my Attract a Mate with EFT & LOA course, scroll down about half way to see the visual.)

Self-sabotage: (Thoughts found in the outer-core of our consciousness)

If you've ever worked on 'manifesting prosperity', then you can probably relate to a time when your mind convinced you to spend inappropriately. That voice may have said something like, 'Go ahead and buy on credit, you're going to be rich soon anyway!' It wasn't till later that you realized that you didn't get rich enough, fast enough to cover that debt and the more you attempted to believe in your abundance the more you may have had to fight the voice that chants, "Spend now"!

The spiral persists when the creditor's balance would continue to grow month after month. Try as you may to 'not worry about the money' (because you know what that does to your positive attraction); eventually you were swept away in the current of revolving debt and the limiting thoughts that go with it.

This is just one obvious example of self-sabotage. Another occurs when you find the man/woman of your dreams only to sabotage the relationship by going too fast or too slow for your mate's comfort; or by imposing the fear of repeating past failures on this relationship. Yet, another occurs when a person who has been successfully eating healthy and moving towards their weight-loss goals suddenly hits the wall and binges compulsively on everything sweet and greasy, just long enough to lose the ground they had gained.

Most often, the source of the self-sabotaging thoughts are not even apparent because they are formulated in our deep outer-core. These are the thoughts that we very much want to eliminate but only occasionally catch a fleeting glimpse of them.


Chemicalization is change and therefore, even though we may suffer during the process (if we choose to), we can find comfort in the knowledge that this too shall pass.

We experience chemicalization when events transpire such as losing our job right in the middle of attempting to manifest a new one, or our relationship explodes just when we thought we were working towards something better, or a big expense comes at us out of left field just when we were working hard at manifesting prosperity.

Again, chemicalization is nothing more than the process of change. When we view these necessary changes as negative, it's because we've boosted our dreams with emotional fuel but neglected the underlying limiting beliefs that cause our goals to transpire with less ease, more discomfort and even odd chaos.

Chemicalization is the natural process of life and death; it's the process of transformation and evolution. To the degree that we are conscious of our Divine and Perfect Inner Being as the ONLY source and supply of all our good, is the degree to which we may predict comfort in realizing our full potential and achieving our dreams.

Now, having identified a few of the layers of limiting beliefs that block your dreams from manifesting. what do you do?

For me, it's all about the process of discovery and release. I find that using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) along with intentionality (the law of attraction), NLP (Neuro-linquistics programming) and meditation works wonderfully. Even when I don't know what the thought might be that is causing the chemicalization or the self-sabotage, I can eliminate my fear of 'what's happening' and sometimes the underlying fears come bubbling to the surface ready to be released.

"Become aware of internal, subjective sub-verbal experiences, so that these experiences can be brought into the world of abstraction, of conversation, of naming, etc., with the consequence that it immediately becomes possible for a certain amount of control to be exerted over these hither unconscious and uncontrollable processes." - Abraham Harold Maslow (American psychologist, 1908-1970, best known for his 'Hierarchy of Needs' theory.)

Please note, I am not suggesting that you spend a great deal of time lamenting your limiting beliefs! On the contrary, what we focus upon expands and we attract into our lives the essence of our most dominant thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Therefore, do not spend hour upon hour talking about what you find. Instead, focus on the actualization of all your dreams while mindfully choosing to eliminate the limiting beliefs that you excavate!
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