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Unleash the Powerful Promoter Within

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By : Matt Bacak    99 or more times read
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You are ripping me off.

What?! How? You may even be thinking, 'We just met. How could I possibly have 'ripped you off' or taken anything away from you?'

But you have! In fact you are still ripping me off as you sit there. The fact is that you have valuable information inside of you. You have golden nuggets that could make my life better' easier, more fulfilling, or more comfortable. Perhaps your nuggets could make everyone's life better. Maybe you have already developed your gold into products, services, seminars, newsletters or email newsletters. But if you do not market your golden nuggets, how will anyone know?

Beyond marketing, you must persuade your prospects to buy and actually use your products. People are overwhelmed with all the options they have so you must help them by sharing your gold. But, if you never make your wisdom available, make it the obvious choice even, then you are hurting others and you are hurting me.

It doesn't matter if your passion is a security alarm, a beauty product, financial services, a business opportunity, or anything else. Your knowledge, product, or service could be helping people solve their problems. And if you do not think what you have to offer can help people, why are you offering it in the first place?

So many times I see people out there and they have the best product in the market. Unfortunately, that best is sitting on their shelf in storage (or it is still in their heads) and they are not telling anyone about it. And at the very same time, their competitors - with less to offer and inferior products - are selling to people and hurting them.

Imagine all the people that you could be helping, imagine all the lives you could be changing, because you have something that could save them time, money or energy. Think of the last time that you were searching for something and bought what you could find, but were not happy with it. Maybe the right thing was out there but it wasn't marketed so you never found it. So give people the opportunity to make the right decision, let them know about you.

I must say again that you have to believe in your product or service and know that it will help people. A while back I learned a huge lesson: if you plant bad seeds, you get a bad harvest. Well, it's time to start planting good seeds and lots of them. 'You reap what you sow.'

This is how you have been ripping me off it's because you have never shared your unique knowledge and products with me. Not only did you rip me off, but you also ripped off all those you could have been sharing your message with. Quite possibly, you have ripped off the world! You also ripped off someone that should be at the top of your list, yourself. Right now, you could be putting a lot of cold hard cash in your own pocket. It is your job, your duty and your right to market, to sell and to persuade people to use your services and products.

But how do you market your products and service so that you can get them out to the world?

The bottom line is very simple; marketing is an exchange between you and someone else. The more important of the two is the other person - your prospect. In their pocket is money that they have worked hard for. And if they reach in their pocket and feel money, they are going to spend it somewhere, whether it is with you or not. Whether it is the best choice for them, or not. Your job is straightforward; let them know about you and your golden nuggets.

Are you ready to unleash the powerful promoter within you and get rich while you are doing it? Great, because that puts you in position to let the world know! Well, I am about to tell you the quickest and fastest ways to making that happen.

But first, just a few weeks ago my wife and I lost our baby. I was devastated about the loss. I had even begun to see him taking over my empire, growing insanely rich and having more than I ever have had in my life. All because, I would tell him the real secrets to my success, to being the powerful promoter, and one day I planned to hand over the reigns.

Understand that the things I am about to tell you are the things that I would have told my son to prepare him to either take over my business or to start building his own empire. Not just any empire or business, but one that would make him rich beyond his wildest dreams.

Here is what I wanted to say to my child, so now I'm saying it to you:

You can make a decent income selling products and services but you can become insanely rich by creating and controlling markets. You see, the Internet is the cheapest and easiest way to attract and capture people who are interested in what you uniquely have to offer.

With e-zines, newsletters, e-courses, or Internet magazines. (They are all the same just a variety of names.)

Think back to the last time that you did a search on the Internet. Were you looking for something to solve your problem? Yeah, tons of people everyday are doing the same exact thing and they are looking for you.

Don't be the average person with an 'internet presence,' they just have a simple website that searchers can view. The majority of searchers check out a site then they leave. (Can you ever find a website a second time? Even if you enjoyed the information on the site it can be difficult to retrieve later.) The people who once found you disappear into cyberspace and you never have any idea who they were, and thus, you have no way to follow-up.

Boy, you are missing out. Big time!
Because the fortune is in the follow-up.

See, if you created an ezine or whatever you want to call it, you could capture their email addresses, build relationships, and market to them over and over again.
Now, you can make millions because you have created and control a huge market that is hot and hungry for your information, products or services.

The second thing that I would say to my own child:
You must learn to become a great platform sales person. Learn to sell and persuade people.
One great way to generate a lot of cold hard cash from the list that you create and control is by putting on teleseminars.

I have found that one of the fastest ways to make a lot of money from your market is by giving teleseminars. Many people do teleseminars but just to deliver information. (FYI: Teleseminars, telecalls, teleclinics and teleconferences are all the same thing - again just a name choice.)

What I'm talking about is giving teleseminars to sell high-ticket items. You see, I view teleseminars just as any other media for selling your nuggets and other people's nuggets. It is just like a live seminar. And if you don't adopt this belief, you will be doing a disservice to your listeners - they want more from you.
Always transform what you already know into persuasive speeches and sell during your public speaking opportunities.

If you get asked to speak in front of a live audience, use that time to inspire them to jump out of their seats and rush your table. If you are on a telecall, make sure that they can purchase right away because the likelihood of them buying days later is very slim.

The third thing that I would have told him is:
Become a great self promoter. Become the powerful promoter. Whatever you are passionate about, become great at learning how to sell and market your information, products or services.

A great powerful promoter, isn't in love with words, he is in love with people. All kinds of people, everywhere and anywhere. He is extremely interested in people, watches them closely, listens when they talk, lives their bad moments with them, and rejoices in their victories. He is so interested in other people he forgets all about himself, his own needs and wants, and after a time he knows why they think as they do.

And he recognizes himself in them and knows that what they do, he is capable of doing whether it is good or bad. The best way to become a great self promoter is to love people. Know what every living person fears, hates, loves, and rejoices, it is in a sense knowing yourself because others experience what we ourselves experience. Let everything you write say to your reader, "I understand you. I have been in your shoes, I can help you, please let me try."

The fourth thing that I would say:

There are two common characteristics of highly successful people:

Highly Successful People are ACTION-ORIENTED. This means you take action immediately when a good opportunity presents itself.

Highly Successful People are EDUCATION-FOCUSED. This means that you take it upon yourself to know everything you possibly can about your field, and you learn from many different sources.

So when you see the opportunity to invest in yourself and your business to develop your skills, grab it! Seek out opportunities to learn the art of self promotion from the leaders. If they were not great marketers, you would not have heard of them, right?

Oh, one last thing, Forget about what you learned in school. Follow your dreams, your heart and more importantly your gut or intuition.
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