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Law of Attraction Failures: What is Actually Happening?

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By : Anisa Aven    99 or more times read
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What is actually happening when we just can't seem to make the Law Of Attraction Work for us?

Q. I am trying to keep my focus and energy positive however, for the first time in my life I am facing foreclosure. I have perfect credit and have my whole life. How do I have peace when there is such a strict time line for the universe to work?

I saw the secret 3 months ago and began then to manifest a buyer to the house that's been on the market since Dec 06. I was at peace because I had time, and trusted. I dropped the price drastically and then let it go, confident.

When this last month rolled around with still no buyer and no more money to make the payment, I became so discouraged and now am having panic and not sleeping. I even had 7 other people helping manifest a buyer for us this whole time. If we don't get a buyer in the next 4 weeks, we lose our house, my perfect credit and will be left with a huge amount of credit card debt we used to fix up the house, not to mention our profit.

It is getting harder by the day to remain in an energy state necessary, yet I must. I even came to terms with being okay if I must face these burdens. But it doesn't seem to be helping the panic and fear. I let go of all my other intentions to focus only on this one now. I even tried *not* focusing on this one and only on wealth in whatever manner. But so far all the universe sends me are dimes daily." - help?!

A. Sometimes the best way to figure out how to create something better is to simply return to the beginning. Let's re-examine how to consciously harness the law of attraction and intentionally employ the Power of the Universal Mechanism:

In reality there are only three steps:

1) Ask for what you want.
2) Allow it to happen.
3) Take action in the direction of your dreams.

It's easy, right?! Here's what usually happens:

We ask, attempt to allow, and take action. When what we want is not appearing to manifest, we cease and desist step 2 - the allowing. We stop allowing what we want by judging what is as 'wrong', 'negative' or 'not in alignment' with all that we desire.

The truth is we are getting exactly what is in alignment with our most dominant energy- always, without exception. Therefore, no matter how certain we are that we've been focused on positive thoughts, and there's no way the Universe has been responding correctly, it's not the Universe that is 'off-center' but our own consciousness and corresponding energetic web of intentions, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that are attracting our experience.

This can be broken down even further, according to both what usually happens and how we would choose to create if we could be more conscious and intentional with the Law of Attraction.

For me, it is truly humbling to know that even though I know the process above and I know which path is the more optimal road for creating all that I desire, I too find myself in the middle of the self-sabotaging road of fear, doubt, and spiritual disconnection!

Our work is to be willing to constantly but gently, continue to readjust and get back on the faithful track that 'all is well' and 'I am indeed a fabulous creator.' There's a rhythm to conscious creation: First we ask for what we want, then we accept, love, and allow what is, then we seek more joy and love through inspired action, then we ask for what we want with greater clarity and begin the process again.

Watch for language signals that indicate 'how' we are creating:

"Trying to stay positive" indicates "not succeeding at being positive."
"Only sending dimes" indicates "I don't believe I'm going to get enough of what I need in time."
"Discouraged, panic, not sleeping" indicates the feelings that precipitated panic were there all along and now they've grown in their negative impact. If we are honest, they've been under the surface the entire time.
"Coming to terms with facing these burdens doesn't seem to help with the panic and fear" indicates you aren't really at peace with the burdens. Panic and fear will not be present when you are at peace - they cannot hold the same vibrational space.

Having explained why we create the way we do, I'll suggest a few things you can do about it.

When we've already jumped overboard without a life preserver, the first order of business is to surrender to the sea! This does not mean we stop swimming but it does mean that we accept the fact that we must deal with the issue at hand. Fighting the water robs the precious energy that we need to survive.

Accept what is as Divinely Perfect - even when you cannot possibly understand "how?!?!" It's too late now to wish it hadn't happened. The only thing left to do is allow it to be. When you surRender to what is as all part of the Divine Plan you render it powerless over you.

By accepting the Divine Order to any situation, you stop giving the negative aspects of the problem your attention and neutralize the impact of unhelpful reactions. SurRendering feels positive, hopeful, and peaceful. It does not feel fearful, doubtful, sad, or apathetic. If you think you've surRendered but continue to feel disconnected, then you are still fighting the water and wasting precious energy.

Once you've stopped the energy leakage by accepting Divine Order, you will feel a sense of courageous peace. Your mottos become "I can handle this", "this too shall pass", and "bring it on!"

Now, if I were in this situation, I would take a day to EFT (use Emotional Freedom Technique) to neutralize every fearful thought I've ever had about this situation; all the past memories I can conjure up that remind me of this situation, and all the thoughts and feelings that are negative about the consequences.

Not only will this deepen your ability to surRender to the Divine Order, but it will also neutralize the negative vibrations that have been creating the opposite of what you want from the very beginning. From this new place of neutrality, you can now begin again to ask for what you want with greater clarity, certainty, conviction and faith.

It's not over - your conscious creation capacity is never over. Your work is to learn from what is, trust that all is well and continue to redirect your intentions. Take a deep breath and start swimming with conviction and you'll not only get through this but you'll find that the outcome was absolutely part of the Divine Plan for your life.
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