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Cash Gifting - Are Cash Gifting Programs Worthwhile?

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By : Merudh Patel    99 or more times read
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Before you review the various cash gifting systems, let me tell you about the concept of cash gifting and why I have chosen to participate in a cash gifting activity and why I invite others to take an honest look.

1. There is no "company" behind it: An interesting part of cash gifting to me is that there is no one above you that can decide the future of the activity. I've promoted other programs in the "home business" industry that were not cash gifting and where there was always some "leaders" or owners of companies that you were dependent on and whose rules and decisions you had to deal with.

If these people made critical business mistakes, you suffered the consequences along with them. Needless to say as this industry has evolved, I suffered the classic "rug being pulled out from under me" situation enough times to find this element of cash gifting very appealing.

You see, in real cash gifting, there are no "companies". It is simply normal people, informing others about the right we all have to share and gift property, assets, cash etc. to others if we so choose. A real gift is one that is given freely without coercion, and with no expectation of any return or consideration within the cash gifting, laws and rules set forth by legislation and constitutional rights.
Real cash gifting enables one person to gift another. No middlemen. No companies. No fat cat sitting at the top deciding who, when and how much people "get paid" as in other programs that have to deal with the marketing of overpriced, low value "products & services".

2. There are no products to promote. Cash gifting generates cash. It's a very simple concept for people to understand. Before I researched the rules and concept of cash gifting, this honestly raised a red flag. I was so focused on traditional "business" that I was making the mistake of trying to think about cash gifting in the way I was taught to think of a "business". But after researching, I found that cash gifting is NOT a business, and is not portrayed as such. Matter of fact that is one of the biggest challenges I see on the internet.

There are so many people that get intrigued and join a cash gifting program that may be properly structured, but then, they revert to explaining it and treating it the way they do other more traditional models of "home business" programs and that is a problem. People get themselves into problems when they practice with "motivated ignorance" in the marketplace of ideas.

You need to be sure you're learning cash gifting from people that actually know what it is... and more importantly, from people that also know what it is not. That way you can truly benefit from the many positive attributes of properly structured, private cash gifting activities.

3. You can start with as little as $500. Absolutely correct. These days you can learn and get started in cash gifting activities by giving a modest gift to your inviter. Most other cash leveraging and even traditional home based business programs may have very high entry points, into the thousands of dollars. Of course, for people who are interested in cash gifting at higher levels, there are activities, which give you the option of giving and receiving much higher amounts of cash gifts. So you have levels available to fill many people's interests.

In fact, cash gifting programs have been said to account for nearly 60% of all money generated in the home based opportunity industry.

The cash gifting levels with 1-up direct structures are truly powerful cash generating vehicles. Although that can be very beneficial to people of above average means... I'm really excited today about having access to cash gifting activities where anyone truly serious about changing their lives can get invited for only $500. That enables me to be able to help so many more people who are serious about changing their financial lives.

And by aligning yourself with an activity that has a wide open and accessible structure, you'll find yourself being able to invite and help many more people as well, but still have the ability to leverage and generate cash from the higher pledge amounts as your invitees see the power in cash gifting. The best of both worlds.

What is cash gifting truly?

By definition cash gifting (aka "cash leveraging") is the act of privately or publicly giving another person or entity a declared sum of cash, strictly as a gift and giving it freely without coercion or consideration. It is NOT a "quid-pro-quo" transaction where you offer something of equal or considerable value in exchange for cash. That would be NOT be considered a true cash gift.

It doesn't involve network marketing, multi level marketing, or a business or commercial activity. There are no business transactions, investments and/or securities involved in a properly structured cash gifting activity. It's strictly giving and receiving real cash gifts.

There is no business or company or "location" and there are no directors, officers, shareholders or principals. Individuals simply support each other in the distribution of information and communication regarding cash gifting and invite others privately to learn about the concept.

It's certainly not for everyone, and it never will be. Over the years, there have been many opinions and thoughts as to the legitimacy and morality of cash gifting as a viable and honest means of generating cash. But at the heart of cash gifting is a basic core principle that's often overlooked and convoluted with greed and the lust for money. Good people can get together and do great things for others. And contrary to what some extremists say, people have, do and will continue to give freely without the expectation of receiving anything in return from the person they give a gift to.

Other people just choose not to believe that. But again, that is people's opinions, and not facts about cash gifting or cash gifting activities.

That is exactly why we seek to align ourselves and invite only people of high integrity and character to learn about cash gifting as a form of improving their economic situations.

The core principle is powerfully simple...

"To help others first, in order to help yourself. To take control of your own financial well being and not be so dependent on other forces, traditions and systems that continue to fail you."

Cash gifting puts the power to create economic prosperity back in the hands of the people, and takes away the intermediaries of the current system (corporations, and traditional employment models). It is no surprise that the giving and receiving of gifts can drastically change a person's life, and despite some common misconceptions about cash gifting, it remains one of the most popular vehicles for financial gain in the world.

Ever contribute to Habitat For Humanity? I have. I have sent gifts in dollars to those organizations, thanks to the financial power this and other internet leveraging models have helped me achieve. If you have sent money to any of the above organizations or others like them... you too have participated in gifting.
Author Resource:- For a more detailed review of how Cash Gifting works and how it compares to other models that allow people to generate cash from home, simply go to Merudh's website:
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