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4th of 7 Tips From Gandhi on Fashion

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By : Derek Dashwood    99 or more times read
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American antiques personalities such as Thoreau or Emerson draw our minds eyes to the essence of independent thinking. Neither a Thoreau or a Gandhi had much time for concern about how they appear when it is a fight for the mortal soul of humanity and its sriving to be free that counts more. Whether your tie is on straight should concern you less. Whether you have a tie to concern your thoughts with must come first. And in this modern world of struggle to survive that must count first.

To eliminate that concern about fashion and the correct name brand of British high street goods, Gandhi encouraged his followers to allow those efforts to slip away and concentrate their minds and bodies to the greatest task at hand. Whether it had the acceptance of high society mattered not a whit. Today you and I are well aware of those morally astute who will refuse to purchsse any particular goods from any name brand supplier of high status to be alert. Are they taking advantage of third world labor to improve their bottom line at the expense of dignity to the soul.

Workers anywhere have a right to clean water, access to health facilities and healthy foods. That this is not yet universally available is no surprise, given our fairly recent climb from the mud and swamp of life ourselves. But while we lose jobs to these the universal boat should be rising equally well for all. That this is not the case should surprise no one, and least of all those most affected. And so yes, your actions like the proverbial flutter of wings of a butterfly in some forest affect us all, so do we back.

Our purchase of those running shoes, shirt, computer monitor or lead lined junk all come to us with a price tag. And the sooner and more honestly we all realize how connected we all are will advance us all. And the opposite reality intrudes all so much, layer by unjust layer and those at the bottom of lifes pile suffer most. Do we notice? Yes. More and more we each do. How we cn ensure the world is making fair progress is to look inside ourselves as well as our pocket books.

To feel free is to ensure you allow that same freedom to others, and that has not always been handled well. In this great historic advance forward humanity can finally feel closer to becoming more just to all. And slowly, now for the first time in human history more people sleep with a full stomache on earth than those who do not. Our purchase of third world products enables hand to mouth dirt poor people to pour into towns to work in the new factory in town. The watch international news programs that take us into once desolate villages where now the children produce goods for us.

And so now we need to wake up as we realize too late already. Sacrifices have not been asked for and that was error number one. Each other calamity to come at America has always required sacrifice from its citizens who have always come through. But if we are not asked to help we turn in and tend our own while our mutual insticts and efforts come to naught. So now here and there may be a brilliant mind, as we see, stamping out some same useless item for the west. Meanwhile the system now begins to train their brightest children how to speak and write in English.

We all know there is a new order in the world coming at us, as we nervously notice from afar. Those children learning English are preparing to take their place in a new world order in which they will be planning and executing plans on how to take over. And how well you and I adapt, roll over, play dead or rise to speak to the world that we are still here and aware is all up to us. Our leaders have not led us well and we feel let down. And so we should. We let ourselves down. We have assumed the arrogance of historic proportions and we are now the evill empire all too much to too many in too many hot spots on earth.

We need to temper down, settle down, back off, fight for what is cleary right and to be seen in that moral light around the world again. And we can lead by example again that we not the declining giant bedding down for our long winters nap. We have been buffeted by the angry winds of our times and the cry for more from all. You do not need to feel high fashion to see and appreciate beauty in life all around us. American antiques records show that America has always been able to right itself again.

But you and I and the butcher and baker all need to pull our efforts together and realize we all in this battle for life, win lose or draw as a common goal. Likely never before has America faced more overwhelming odds and prospects for uphill battles prevails. We can do it. Our unborn children and manifest destiny notwithstanding, or standing. We are in this as one and goodness and mercy will prevail. We hold some aces and play with our threes yet. But corners are always coming up, and lights at the ends of tunnels can be an oncoming train.

We shall fashion a way through all these challenges, one by one. A look at how Gandhi prevailed may help you with this.
Author Resource:- Derek Dashwood enjoys noticing positive ways we progress, the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics, wise use and mis use of power and protective love at
American Antiques
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