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The Law of Attraction and the J-Curve

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By : Anisa Aven    99 or more times read
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When our feeling nature and our thinking nature are in harmony, our conscious desires will be fulfilled. The challenge for many conscious creators is maintaining the habitual thoughts and corresponding feelings long enough for our 'wishes' to manifest.

There are many techniques we can use to accomplish this habitual state of harmonious alignment. And, there's more good news. When practiced regularly and persistently these 'techniques' will transform from a 'tool to be applied' to a state of being.

It's this state of being that we, as law of attraction students, optimally seek to obtain. This 'being state' is the consciousness of the spirit within as our one and only source and supply; it's a state that is consumed with ever-increasing love, peace, certainty, and patience.

Ultimately, as we learn to seek this state (as opposed to material possessions, for example), we automatically align with our true desires and the vibrational essence necessary to fulfill all of our dreams.

It's important to fully understand the ultimate goal that I'm defining here. The ultimate goal is to become fully aware and understand that it is the Spirit within that does the work and it is our consciousness of this Spirit within that produces the energy necessary to intentionally attract the life we desire. You see, our ultimate goal is to live from this awareness and comprehension, thus releasing all limitations from our experience.

To clarify, although your immediate goal may be to use the law of attraction to manifest a car, a new job, a relationship, or a recovery from illness, for example, your primary focus still needs to be on what the essence of these 'things' will give to you that you do not already have or that you want more of. In short, this means you want to focus upon the higher Truths of your desire which is always in alignment with that which is God (Peace, Love, Prosperity, Wholeness, Wisdom, Freedom, etc.)

A few tools that one can use to embrace their unlimitedness and this higher consciousness are:

* Meditation
* Seeking Silence
* Prayer
* EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique (or any of the Meridian Therapies)
* Affirmations and Visualizations
* Goal Setting
* Radical Forgiveness
* Positive Therapy (the kind that releases the old patterns through forgiveness while embracing the future as a primary intention of the therapy)
* Treasure Mapping
* NLP (Neuro-Linquistic Programming)
* Essential Oils
* Bach Flower Remedies and the list goes on.

Let's look at meditation, for example, since it's a universally accepted key to unlock spiritual enlightenment and the doorway to personal transformation.

Now, if you sit down to 'intentionally focus' and your mind races out of control, first, know that you are not alone.

Every spiritual teacher that has ever lived has preached the benefits of meditation as a tool for connecting with the Spirit within and quieting the mind. However, very few spiritual seekers stick with meditation long enough to truly reap the rewards of this spiritual practice. The reason they do not stick to the practice is not because meditation doesn't work for them, as many believe, but because they can't 'stop their racing mind' long enough to experience the benefits. They quit before they get to that place of meditative peace and connection.

They simply choose to not finish what they started.

There's not a single spiritual teacher that has ever obtained spiritual enlightenment that hasn't used meditation (in its myriad of forms) for their personal transformation. And, they too had to overcome their 'uncontrollable mind' to achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual mastery.

When we make a commitment to improve our lives or master a new skill, often our experience of improvement or our ability to perform may actually worsen before we see the improvement we desire.

In the coaching world, this often predictable trend is known as the 'J-curve'. In a book by the same name, author Ian Bremmer explains why nations who move from 'closed and undemocratic' to 'open and democratic' will first go through a period of instability before coming out the other side and landing upon greater stability. Understanding that this state of instability is par for the course can actually support all parties involved in 'staying the course.'

While not understanding this curve can result in abandoning the course before reaching their desired destination; which of course, results in a return to the previously undesired state of certain instability. This compromised place of 'a known fear' is better than an 'unknown fear' leaves us stagnant and complacent by default.

In our spiritual lives, we too go through states of emotional instability when trying to improve upon our spiritual connection (or manifest more). The intention to align our feeling nature with our thinking nature requires persistent attention, a willingness to practice the transformational tools regularly and consistently and a willingness to fail, fail, and fail again before fully obtaining a greater state of stability on the other side.

The key here is not to look at the problem as an insurmountable obstacle but as simply a part of the natural process of improvement. In holistic health care circles this J-curve is sometimes experienced as a 'healing crisis' and in 'conscious creation' it's sometimes perceived as complete chaos and is called 'chemicalization.'

No matter what you call this state of transition, recognize it as just that - a state of transition.

Here's one more example, from the book, The Coaching Revolution: How Visionary Managers Are Using Coaching to Empower People and Unlock Their Full Potential by David, Ph.D. Logan and John King, to help put your process into perspective. When Tiger Woods, considered by many to be the most gifted professional golfer of all time, decided to improve his game, he began working with a new coach who adjusted his club grasp. Initially, his game was decidedly 'off' and he lost more than he won. Fans who did not understand the 'improvement' process lamented that he may be gone for good and that he'd lost his touch. Then, as he maintained the course and pushed through his 'J-Curve', he eventually returned with talent far superior than his pre- improvement process performance.

Anyone that maintains the course of constant and never- ending improvement must be willing to push through their own "J-Curve' when it appears. On the other side is the glorious experience of greater freedom, fulfillment, and spiritual unity. From this place of unity, all things that we desire manifest with greater ease because we simply maintain our connection to the constant and never-ceasing flow.

And, there's even better news than this. ask any seeker who has pushed through their "J-Curve' and they'll tell you:
"You'll be happy to know - you can't ever go back to the way you used to be."
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