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How Does the Law of Attraction Explain How Bad Things Happen to Good People?

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By : Anisa Aven    99 or more times read
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The Universal Laws operate on a consistent, orderly, impartial and uniform basis.

Although this truth is harsh and even unfathomable when we think about the victims of September 11th, 2001; or the abuse or murder of a child, or even the senseless destruction of our planet, for example, the Universal Law is operating in Divine Order, never the less.

I'll be honest, although I have my theories, I don't 'get' the meaning or the purpose of it all, and I certainly would not be so arrogant as to proclaim to have the ONLY answer to this profound question or to 'How did they attract this?'

Never the less, I am unshakeable in my gratitude for the consistency of the Laws. From my perspective, it is this truth - that the laws are consistent and dependable - that makes life livable.

If I thought that some indiscriminate force could simply bluster into my life ripping my world apart, as if the law of chaos granted the winds of destruction the right to randomly wreak havoc, then life and my role in it would be meaningless. If there really was such a 'random force' I'd scream, 'then what's the point?!?!'

On the other hand, there is also no way that anyone could convince me that an infant 'attracted' abuse through negative thinking. That just doesn't match what we know about the pure love that is an infant's gift.

Therefore, for my personal peace, I have reached for an explanation that attempts to consolidate what I believe to be true, as of today, about the Universal Laws and the Spiritual nature of life.

First, there is the fact that Creation is Teleological. Teleology is the study of final causes - especially as it relates to circumstance and events leading up to the final event.

We see this law time after time in nature. For example, the Lodgepole Pine Tree, the most widespread tree in the British Columbia province, cannot propagate without its cone being exposed to extreme heat, as in the heat from a forest fire. No fire (death) = no new trees (birth).

When we think about the ramifications of this fact, we then realize that it was not the lightning bolt that caused the fire, but the end result (natural reforestation) that indeed inspired the original lightning bolt and thus the fire.

Then we have the second verity that there are multiple levels of consciousness and many layers of energetic frequencies, intentions and super-intentions that collectively co-create our experiences.

For example, one such layer of consciousness has been observed in the study of past-lives. Whether we believe in reincarnation or not doesn't negate the fact that millions of patients have discovered that their present day illness (allergy, disease, phobia, etc.) is connected to strong emotions, thoughts, actions, experiences (etc.) that occurred during a past life. Once discovered, many patients are able to recover from their malady.

Carl Jung, well-known psychologist and mystic, called this the 'collective unconscious' or 'universal memory'. This of course implies that we are collectively influenced by the thoughts, emotions, and beliefs of the collective whole.

Thus we are now led to yet another layer of consciousness: the collective consciousness aka the global consciousness.

Here's an interesting fact that illustrates how influential the 'global consciousness' can be:

There's an African culture that believes all children born on Wednesdays are the devil's offspring. To prove their belief is true all one has to do is look to the fact that more than half of the crimes committed in their culture are by those Wednesday children. Is it Wednesday that causes the problem or the global belief, we ask?

Combining the principle of teleology with the many layers of consciousness we find answers. I'm not suggesting the answers are satisfactory or comforting, but they are at least answers that are congruent with what we believe about the Universal Laws of creation.

Consider, for example, the evolutionary changes that, as far as I can tell, always ensues chaos, destruction and tragedy. We can't help but wonder if somehow super-intentions along with the multiple layers of consciousness were at work inspiring the end result?

Viktor Frankl, considered one of the most profoundly influential psychiatrists of our time wrote in his book, Man's Search for Meaning:

"We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms--to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." (-Viktor Frankl, M.D., Ph.D., (March 26, 1905 - September 2, 1997) was an Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist, and Holocaust survivor.)

Imagine for a moment that Victor Frankl's story, listed as one of the ten most influential books in America, had never happened? Is it possible that the Divine Order (possibly his soul-choice) inspired not only his Nazi concentration camp experience but his survival as a match to his higher calling; a match to a super-intention? If his life purpose was to arouse the spiritual liberation of millions of souls that found his work then who are we to say that what occurred for him was not a match?

Considering the teleological nature of life, the multiple layers of consciousness, and super-intentions we find at the very minimum, food for thought.

This does not cancel out the impermeable fact that we still have free will and when combined with awareness, we can at any point choose to intentionally direct our experience using the Law of Attraction. It just may be that the way we 'thought' we wanted it and the way we 'really' wanted it are not always the same.

By accepting that all is well, all the time, we actually tap into the stream of well being that will take us through one 'negative' experience and into the meaning and purpose beyond. This is where passionate living can really flourish.

I was at a Dr. David Hawkin's lecture (he's the best-selling author of Power vs. Force) when something he said shook me to the core. With as much emphasis as a mid-day yawn he said, (I paraphrase):

A soul chooses its date of death prior to birth. And, on that date they simply transition from this plane to the next. Like a butterfly squished on your car window, they just keep flapping their ethereal wings.

What if our souls make choices before we arrive concerning our time of death and our purpose while in physical form? Wouldn't these decisions then co-create with the intentions and beliefs of the moment to fulfill this 'fate by soul-choice?'

One last personal example, the magnitude of which I did comprehend until many, many years later, happened the summer before my freshman year of high school. My best friend, Zena, was killed in a car accident. I was devastated. And, I was angry. I was angry because I had been denied one last visit with Zena before her accident. My father said no because he needed my help in the family antique business.

Losing Zena AND being denied the freedom to see her caused an internal chain of events that became the foundation upon which I create my life today. It was this loss that caused me to fearlessly seize my life. My motto became, "I will never let an opportunity go by without seizing it. I don't care what the consequences may be. If I have to defy orders, fail, get into trouble and risk everything to be free and fulfill my dreams - I will. Never again will I be denied." You see, Zena was a poet and I still have her poems today. The poems she wrote as an 11-year-old child were about living your dreams. Zena's spirit has never stopped inspiring me.

Of course my original motto got me into quite a bit of trouble, as you can imagine. However, I eventually settled into a more vibrationally aligned manifesto: "I choose to live every moment fearlessly and passionately, as if it were my last opportunity

Without this experience, in my soul, I know my life would have been very, very different and I also know I would not be living the life of my dreams today, not the way I do now.

As a mother, this wouldn't ease my pain but as a spiritual student, I find all of these and other spiritual truths helpful in finding meaning within suffering.

And, what if that was both the cause and the purpose?

Copyright, 2007, CreataVision Enterprises, Anisa Aven.
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