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Diamond Minds, Science, Logic - The Promised Land Is Still West

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By : Derek Dashwood    99 or more times read
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I am watching an international panel of famous thinkers on the British channel, truly diamond minds. One of the comments of Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame was that leaders self destruct by their own folly: Nixon erasing tapes of a petty theft, Bush junior rashly creating an unneeded inferno that has diminished America. And this had been mentioned on the earlier program that showed people having brain scans while they were shown pictures of them or others in self indulgence, anger, sadness, and joyfully sharing a smile as they help someone. And we now know that the most potent section of the brain right up front between and above our eyes lights glowingly hot.

The prehistoric anger portions are more deeply embedded, which brings my thoughts to those red ants and black ants who only have the prehistoric back portion of the brain. This is my thought, but if any of our grand daughters carry this concept through to a science degree, we might see this even further. We have not distinguished that prehistoric fight or flee of the red ants, which was observed by Thoreau. As he had inadvertently built his house of wattles at Walden Pond on paths long worn, well apart, by red ants and black ants, who would work away all day carrying their leaves back to HQ all day long.

Except now they had to divert around the house of wattles which brought them into contact with each other. And like the Arab and the Jew, did they tip their caps, say excuse me, how dew you do,and get on their way, as was in God's will, to deliver the leaf? No, they did not: leafs off, pincers at throats until a red or black head was separated from it's body, until there was hardly an ant alive.And at this time, soldiers of Thoreau's sacred new Jerusalem, America, had arrived in Mexico City, and Thoreau went to jail rather than pay taxes to support the war.

And when you think of it, there was not one Thoreau in that vast battleground of red and black ants and the carnage of blood and death. Not one who could care or think enough to see this is madness and cry stop. They had no frontal lobes to light up and cause inner joy by a kind act, which could have overwhelmed their primitive anger, as with people in a state of rage. We have mentioned before, that the eight paths of Buddha have been shown to overlap with what science knows are the eight steps to bliss. And that around 320 B.C.E. Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.E.) frightened his soldiers, and while his men built the mightiest city in the world at Alexandria to be the great export port of tropical foods from Egypt to Greece, Alexander went alone into the west in search of a holy man who spoke of one God. He found him, peacefully meditating at an oasis as if from Eden, in the sand dunes.

Who was this holy man in 320 B.C.E alone in a true garden of Eden? This could be so naturally, perfectly possible to expand and create today. This follower of serene Buddha, surely, he had found a promised land that had no other people. It was a oasis sufficient with water and fig, date trees, all he did need. It was a land of milk and honey indeed. It only need more water for a loving land for a people.

Alexander had been taught by Aristotle, who had been taught by Socrates (469-399 B.C.E.) as he died, that if one lived a good life and did not harm others, he felt as the hemlock took over his life that he was going to a better place and would not find there those who had condemned him to die for seeing too well and speaking his honest thoughts.

Alexander well knew that upon the death of good Socrates (469-399 B.C.E) the citizens of Athens turned on the Ruling 30. Soon, all were dead, disgraced, or banished from Athens. And history shows that followers of Guatama Buddha (560-480 B.C.E.)had reached Egypt to Greece by the time of the death of Buddha by this time: look at the birth and death dates of each. Athens came into it's greatest bloom within decades of the death of great Buddha, who had sent forward messengers of love and peace.

Imagine how that affects this miracles of democracy, which was surely Buddha and his followers in a group meditation. That man that Alexander risked his life seemed far more wise than the many feuding tribes north of the Sinai. Jews escaping slavery in Egypt, had ten commandments, 40 years to wander the Sinai desert, and then move north into lands occupied by others and say it is now ours. Black hatted ants say God said we are more holy, chosen, if you like, so go away, or we will put you behind walls.

Oh dear God or Allah. Who is going to get the sand out of eyes, and look at a map, for once, not just damning Commandments. Buddha's lead to bliss, not the strap. |Anyway, if wise diamond minds rather than the coal of today would redirect the Nile so it's fresh water is not wasted into the sea at Alexandria. This is the same as with the Colorado River, all used by people and not quite a drop it wasted into the sea. Deserts that allow fresh water into the sea should lift their thinking from common poor coal to rich brilliant diamonds.

Let us redirect that final fresh water Nile. Send it west to create new lush gardens of Edens for Egypt over to a wide crescent around the vast Quattara Depression in uninhabited west Egypt. Science says it would take one hundred years to fill, and imagine the Palm Beach tropical new Jewish sensible community. One more negotiation, Egypt and new Isreal would be inside the new Europe, and as in England one thousand five hundred years later, all trade at the Dane Line, in peace.

That prophet and Alexander knew those eight virtues to bliss are count your blessings, do acts of kindness daily, savor life's joys, thank a mentor, learn to forgive.I find this works best by going to an old enemy, watch him twitch, oh no, not again. And I ask for his forgiveness, I could not go to my grave feeling that, whatever, I had acted badly. And when you try this, as I now have, you may find a blabbing person shaking your hand and saying, no, it was really his fault. Now when we pass, windows go down, big waves, our eyes sparkle like diamonds.

Stay close to friends and family. Take care of your body. Develop strategies to cope with hardship. And that serene harmony is waiting for the black ant Jew.

Sam, your wiser promised land was to the west, not into the red ants nest to the east, through the Red Sea into a hopeless triangle of desert. Now we can see, if only God had given a map, the Ten Commandments do not bring bliss, the eight ways of Buddha and science do. Surely funds would pour into this and Palestinians that were once Essenes perhaps thousands of years ago, can till their own land. But I was born a Christian and am now much more with Buddha; we wouldn't feel welcome there either, let along arrogate to ourselves a wall. Why should you?

Sam, you read the map all wrong. Oh, right, you didn't have a map. But we can all see that you, like Thoreau, built your house of wattles on the wrong ant's nest. Buddha, God says we are all God's chosen people, right? No Hindu Brahmin or other faiths more Chosen? I thought so.

People can only attain these blissful states, the studies added, in a peaceful, mutually forgiving neighborhood where your kids can ride their bikes, all the way around Lake Quattara, some day before Armaggadon, which Buddha and I do not accept.

Why not be loving, forgiving; back off when we are stepping on another ant's toes before his back brain overpowers all. In the name of God, Buddha, science, diamond minds of sanity, and me. Wall, are you listening? Sigh. No bliss in this as we follow the course.
Author Resource:- Derek Dashwood enjoys the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics and use and wise use of power and how it is shown at
It's Her Diamond,Let Her Pick!
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