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Diamonds, Godliness - Buddha, 3 Wise Men, Socrates, Aristotle. And Us?

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By : Derek Dashwood    99 or more times read
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The fascinating matter of placing known dates on famous people, and if they are placed in order, you know that the latter person was influenced by the thoughts of the earlier. So for this we will pursue the likely source of the biblical three wise men from the east, and how in their searches and speaking of the wisdom of Buddha, of love and peace and respect for all to achieve a good death and achieve bliss on the way to Nirvana, Heaven, and be with divinity forever. Gautama Buddha (560-480 B.C.E.)was born into the second highest caste of five castes.

Buddha was born into the caste of the warriors in the 5,000 year old Hindu religion. In modern times it has still been difficult for India to mature above this placing of those who may enter heaven by their caste. First, usually lightest skin court members were the Brahmin, first in line to enter heaven. And down past warriors, needed for protection, civil servants to organize, and at the bottom, of course, were the darkest skin in real life and religion, the Untouchables, destined, as were their children, to be toilet detail for eternity, through many reincarnations from monkey to cow again.

Buddha rejected all this, and his democratic group evolved, as did the realization of Gautama, there were eight paths to bliss, which science now has shown. The route to transform coal eyes to diamonds were, and this is modern science speaking, oh so close to dear wise Buddha. These are: count your blessings, do acts of kindness daily, savor the joys of life, thank a mentor, learn to forgive, ask for forgiveness, stay close to family and friends, take care of your body, develop strategies to cope with stress and hardship.

I also meditate and pray to God, or Allah, and all that was known to Socrates as followers of Buddha had arrived in Greece by 520 B.C.E. They must surely have continued, those three wise men, to look into the eyes of enough fur skinned cave types around Athens, found their diamond eyes, and helped jump start Athens from hunters and wolves, to such greatness, in such a short time. If you find better evidence, let us know. Socrates lived between 469 to 399 B.C.E. and he was with Aristotle and Plato and a few other students to attend to Socrates through to his death.

Aristotle was teacher to Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.E.), who in his conquest of Egypt risked his life by going alone into the western desert of Egypt. While his men built the mightiest city in the world, a greater Athens, his Alexandria port city to flow tropical never ending food produce to Greece, Alexander went west on his horse in search of a fabled holy man. He almost died, but found this man at an oasis, all alone, meditating, content. Figs and dates fell from the trees, the fresh water oasis was pure, he had found his promised land.

And to now, that area is the worst baked desert on earth, and just inland is the hellish Quattara Depression. The real promised land. If no fresh water was allowed to reach the salty sea, and was diverted on a garden of Eden canal over to that waste depression, put theJews down in there, reverse enough of the Nile that a well planned flood comes over a hydro dam, and settlers farm and move their way gradually up the slopes over the next century. No Biblical Flood, a man made one, providing hydro for a century, until the settlers have to resettle, again, all around Lake Quattara, in a crescent shaped new promised land.

At the end of a century, science says, the filling fresh water lake in the desert will need a garden of Eden channel dug to the sea, unless, we and thee, or our wise great grand children three, slap that extra fresh water so none ever gets to the sea. Garden of Eden, wide open spaces, leave the old place to the wailers, build a new one over here. Less wailing, more joy. Oh boy. How many lifetimes before red and black ants, all more holy than any other, kill each other, mad brother and brother. Yet off to the west, always the empty west, go there young young, give it a rest. Give wisdom and peace a chance. Would be an about turn, that is true. About bloody time.
Author Resource:- Derek Dashwood enjoys the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics and use and wise use of power and how it is shown at
It's Her Diamond,Let Her Pick!
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