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Healthy Lifestyles, Power, God, and Allah - A New Crescent of Peace?

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By : Derek Dashwood    99 or more times read
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The power in this story is that this happened 230 years before the birth of Christ and Christianity, and that many more years before before the birth of Mohammed and Islam. But it was within the time that we knew disciples, or followers of Buddha had arrived this far west, and had certainly reached Egypt to Greece, as Aristotle to Alexander, and it trickles down to us.

But who was this holy man at an oasis, so respected and revered in Egypt at this time, to cause mighty Alexander to go seek him, rather than have him or his head brought to him, as soon Darius of Persia? We only know that he did not seek any more than he enjoyed at this oasis, with the life so serene, to meditate heaven, and leave the world to it's steam.

Alexander made it back to Egypt from those hottest sands on earth, to on and build Alexandria and get on with his destiny. But who was that man Alexander sought out? If he was off a new faith, it did not contain any sword. That wise man was innerly directed as we know quietly to God. Or Nirvana in his words, or how they might say. But he followed eight heavenly virtues, and none includes hate.

Alexander was taught by Aristotle, who learned this while sitting quietly with Socrates as he drank his cup of hemlock for seeing and speaking too well. Count your blessings, do acts of kindness savor life's joy. Thank you as a mentor, and learn to forgive. In other words please forgive me first also. Stay close to your family, your friends that are true. Take care of your body, it will help see you through. Develop strategies for stresses, and hardships to come.

And those are the people who live longest and have most fun. More healthy, more happy, active and good, church going leader who is gentle with children, puppies, and love. And this comes to our story, and you think it through. The only two holy men at that point in history, unlike the multi god pharoah, who thought of one God then, was a Buddhist, and a Jew.

I wonder what if like Moses, this holy man, so serene, got lost in the desert, wandered west instead of north east with Moses through the Red Sea? Moses was lost: this man had found the promised land in the western desert, if only more fresh water could come in. This would be the place.

How is it that Alexander conquered all that area, was in of all all the mighty great statues of multi headed gods in Egypt, but only almost died in the western desert in search of a famed holy man? In contrast, Alexander conquered all. Inside fabulous Egypt, he was in awe.

In contrast, Alexander considered some holy land tribal areas fanatical in their distorted sense of their own destiny as the chosen people of God. He felt closer to God himself, having deeply discussed this with noble minded scholars in Athens, not these self righteous people of such arrogant zeal. Instead, off to defeat Persia and on to the world.

Alexander noticed there were serenely wise holy men of God, and he knew it had been his near death experience to go through that hell to realize that little moment of Nirvana with that serene man. And here is our what if. What if that was the better navigator Jew, than the louder guy Moses actually had God part the Red Sea, give him a mountain now called Arafat to come down from with ten commandments, but no map.

Meanwhile, the kid brother who commands less but gets the map, headed west. And we say it is time to bring this forward again. In my meditations, Alexander speaks to me through his horse. The front end.

And what we could do, is up river from people in Egypt, and there are quite a few, we divert half the Nile westward and give to that Jew? If we dug a canal west to Quattara, a hole in the earth, science says it would take a century to fill up. By as we know when smart Jews, with the other guy's map, could negotiate Eden, with oasis each side, work a deal with dear Egypt, they owe it to you, slaves as to market, mercy on a Jew.

Allow new friends Libya, and old slave master Egypt, give grant you a land crescent around Quattara to the sea. If you beloved, wonderful, long suffering Jews once more became great like Alexander, one last final exodus, you would dig that canal soon, begin to fill this Eden hole and leave your hell hole to them. Create a new wall to wail, or better yet, like us, leave our old wounds back somewhere, grow up and beyond.

My ancestors, as yours were, were killed by Romans, at Maiden Castle in Dorset. on order from Rome. We go back and just ponder, and wail at our wall. We went to America, and built ourselves tall. We went west, so could you. Alexander, then Romans, said you were nuts. You conspired to kill Jesus, make us feel guilty to say.

You have here your road map from one wiser than you. You promised land was west, not parting seas just for you.I meditation daily, see loving eyes in Tibet. But when I see stern, lecturing eyes of a new Zionist settler, all dressed in black, while Palestinians since Jesus have called this land home, I sense I know Jesus, and Buddha and God, and this man is not going to the same Eden as I.

Thank you for life God. How you must despair at the hate and reign of anger of Islam fight against the old stern unforgiving Jewish God. Neither of their God or Allah mine, nor that of Buddha, who died serenely in his eighties, in the midst of a loving group meditation, which he began in this world, and completed beyond. Go west, young Jew. Sam, you made the map all wrong.
Author Resource:- Derek Dashwood enjoys the combining of science into the humanities to measure politics and use and wise use of power at
Healthy Lifestyles That Could Take Us Around the World
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