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Two Principals that Boost Muscle Growth

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By : Sasha James    99 or more times read
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If you are serious about building muscle then listen up, I'm going to share with you two critical moments crucial for fast and healthy muscle building. This article alone can save you years of wasted effort. Armed with this knowledge virtually anyone should be able to make tremendous gains and add pounds of drug free muscle to their physique.

I won't explain things like stable isotope tracer technology, immunohistochemical muscle fiber typing or powerful microarray methods but I want you to know that although I'm not scientist myself all I'm saying here is backed up with hardcore muscle building science. There is huge the difference in results of those who use scientifically proved results and those who don't. Science is contributing enormously to a better understanding of the factors that ultimately control the size of muscle mass growth.

Why do muscles grow at all?
Stimulating muscle protein synthesis process underlines changes in the size of muscle mass. High stimulation of muscle protein synthesis is absolutely essential to gaining muscle. It does not sound like incredible, scientific revelation, isn't it? Well, maybe it doesn't sound so but be sure, it's essential factor for generation of new muscle tissue and I will explain why.Without a doubt, muscle mass growth is complex subject matter. There are many, many factors that influence the muscle growth process including, but not limited to, physical activity, hormones, disease, age, genetic factors as well as the quality and quantity of nutrition.

But I'm going to show you how to utilize scientifically proved facts to your advantage. This can really save you months or even years of wasted time, particularly if you are one of those guys or gals that have to work their butt off just to add a molecule of muscle to their frame. If you really want to build muscle and transform your physique an ultra-high (24h long) stimulation of muscle protein synthesis is the name of the game you need to play. Many experts like Paul Delia explain that "muscle is protein and protein is muscle" and although that is fact there are other factors that work against your ability to build muscle.

You should keep in mind that constant synthesis and breakdown of muscle tissue is a process that never stops in our bodies. Even if you perform no physical activities at all, muscle proteins are constantly being broken down and regenerated (scientists call this process protein turnover). As I already said, this process never stops but it can speed up or slow down in response to various circumstances.

For example, dieting (calorie restriction) slows down this process. Ageing also slows down protein turnover, or the rate at which new muscle proteins are regenerated. Alternatively, after you've hit the gym for your expertly planed workout system, protein turnover is accelerated, enormously.

What's happening within your muscles has an enormous impact on the entire body. You see, muscle tissue is the body's largest reservoir of bound and unbound proteins (it constitutes 50-75% of all proteins in the human body), this means that muscle protein turnover is synonymous with whole body protein turnover. In other words, muscle is drawn upon constantly to supply the amino acids that are required for a vast array of physiological demands, every single day. Same thing like with the bank account, if you don't make some rather substantial deposits, the balance just keeps diminishing.

Scientific keys to rapid muscle building.
What we need is to increase the synthesis rate of muscle proteins so that it runs faster than they are broken down. We need complete program (nutrition and exercise program) which is design to boost up the muscle protein synthesis

Science has confirmed that lifting weights has the potential to cause a tremendous increase in muscle protein synthesis but regular training diminishes this response, therefore the most important question is what type of weight training program is most effective at providing a high stimulation of muscle protein synthesis?

Good point, is it not? Off course it is, but so many people fail to use results from scientific studies and therefore often fail in their attempts. For you muscle research buffs, seminal work completed by Baar & Esser confirmed that the degree of overload placed on muscle correlates with the magnitude of stimulation of muscle protein synthesis and the subsequent increase in muscle mass.

In other words, muscle mass gains are directly proportional to the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis which, in turn is proportional to the amount of overload placed on muscle. Gain muscle mass program is a complete answer for all man and women because it is based on hardcore muscle building science. It is not for those who wait for magic beans or mambo jumbo to happen.
This is quite clear formula folks: "High & proper overload = high stimulation of muscle protein synthesis = more muscle ". If your muscle building program is based on this principal than you are on good track and you do have already excellent results without steroids usage. Just stay away from any weight training program and technique which deviate from this fundamental rule.

So if you want to build muscle, there are two rules that you must understand.
The first is, the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis is the critical regulatory event that leads to muscle growth.
The second is that the intensity and method of overload placed on muscle determines the magnitude of stimulation of muscle protein synthesis.
Author Resource:- Sasha James
You can download Free Insane Gain e-Book and Videos that will boost your advancement. You can contact me with any questions you may have, I will be more than happy to help you get near to your muscle building goals fast.
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