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A Nail Will Grow From The

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By : Jasmin Carnevale    29 or more times read
Submitted 2019-07-10 14:08:14
A nail will grow from the nail matrix, located beneath the epidermis.

How long does it take a nail to fully grow?
a nail takes about 100 days to fully grow. Read More

share: Will your nail grow back?
Yes it will grow back unless you have had surgery to remove the nail bed. Read More

share: If you had your nail removed will your nail grow back normally?
ya Read More

share: Will your nail grow if the nail bed is damage?
It depends how badly you have damaged the nail bed. Sometimes the nail will grow until the dark spot (or blue spot) grow right out and other times you may lose the nail completely. Nature takes it course so wait and see, but keep the nail clean and put antibiotic cream on it. Read More

share: What will happen after a rabbit pulls a nail?
The rabbit that pulls a nail can not be shown. The nail will not grow back. Read More

share: What is the root of the nail from which keratinized cells grow?
This is called the nail matrix. Read More

share: Why does nail polish make some people nails grow faster?
It's not the nail polish itself that makes the nail grow longer, it's the fact the nail bed is protected and is actually strengthened. I find that if I wear a clear or opaque nail varnish over nails they do grow faster because they are protected against breakage etc. Read More

share: The living cells that cause a nail to grow are found in the?
i belive it is the nail root. Read More

share: Your budgie lost his toe nail and the remains of his toe nail is black will his toe nail grow back?
def not Read More

share: After toenails and nail beds have been romoved will nails grow back?
no, once the nailbed is torn out the nail is no longer present and has nothing to grow from Read More

share: If you rip off half of your nail from the left to right will it grow back?
Yes, nails grow back as long as the nail root is intact. Read More

share: Where does the nail grow from?
The Nail Grows From The Nail Root And Then The Dead Nail Get's Pushed Up And They Grow. But What You Can See On Your Nail Is DEAD ! Hope i helped. Read More

share: Where do nails grow from?
Nail Root Read More

share: Does any nail polish help your nails grow?
It won't directly help them grow but there are nail polish brands that make nail polish that will help protect and strengthen them so the are less likely to break. Read More

share: Can a nail grow back?
Yes it can. my mom lost a toe nail and it grew back. Read More

share: Do your own toe nail grow their own toe nail?
I don't think so Read More

share: How can you grow your nails an inch in less than a month?
nail growth nail polish Read More

share: How your nails grow long?
You can grow you're nails by leaving it without cutting it or you can you a nail growth polish. You can buy a nail growth polish in CVS. Read More

share: How can you grow your nail if nail bed is damaged?
You can grow your nail even if the nail bed is damaged by following these simple steps: -constantly clean your nails -keep your nails short until the nail bed heals -get a nail and cuticle lotion to revitalize you nails. You can pick this up at almost any drug store Read More

share: How are diseases spread by dirty fingernail?
there are germs inside the fingers nail , when they grow our nail also grow when we see it it will be in black color [nail]. we bite the nails germs go to our stomach and create stomach ache Read More

share: How do you regrow toenail when it was surgery removed?
If the nail bed has not been removed, a new nail will grow in a few months time. The new nail grows from the nail bed. Read More

share: Can nail polish cause white spots on nails?
No the white spots on the nail is from damage to the matrix this is the root of the nail and it will grow out of the nail but it may take some time. Read More

share: My toe was hurt and skin around and the nail were torn off will the nail grow back to normal?
yes. it probably will grow back to normal. =] Read More

share: How much does your nail grow a day?
0.1mm Read More

share: How do you get a purple nail off?
You wait for it to grow out. Read More

share: Does a cats nail grow back?
It depends Read More

share: How does dead nail follicle grow when it is dead?
The nail itself is dead, but the follicle that produces it is still alive. Read More

share: How much time for a nail to grow?
Nails grow at a rate of about 2cm per year. Read More

share: Your nail came off what can you do to make it grow properly?
it should grow properly on its own Read More

share: Will a toenail grow if it falls twice?
Yes, a toe nail can grow back if it falls off twice, but it depends on the damage done to the nail bed. It make take longer to grow back after falling off twice. Read More

share: What if your gerbils nail broke?
let it grow back... Read More

share: What parts of your body continue to grow?
nail and hair Read More

share: Why does a nail turn sprite green?
Because there is something in the nail glue, that causes a fung to grow. My nails do that too Read More

share: What to do when you pulled out a hang nail and now it is throbing?
it'll look funny until it does, but the nail will grow back normally. Read More

share: I have two nails with nail polish on them but the nail polish won't come off with nail polish remover or even a razor scraping it off what do I do?
You have to pull the nail clean off then let a new nail grow. Read More

share: Can half toe nail still grow?
Yes they will still grow back =)....But it will take ages. Read More

share: How do toenails grow?
They grow from the base under the cuticle, as a derivative of the epidermis. -- They grow from the matrix which is a flap of skin like tissue under the eponicium. Pressures above below push the nail out like "a tube of toothpaste". Grooves under the nail attach through pressure to the nail bed. Read More

share: Why don't my fingernails grow from the sides. I used to pick my skin on the side of my nails. Now they don't grow. How do you make them grow into a proper nail?
try using some nail mineral power growth stuff, its like clear nail polish, you could get it a cvs. oor anyother place Read More

share: Describe nail formation?
Living skin cells in the finger are what produced fingernails. A fingernail is made of several parts. The nail plate, the nail bed, the cuticle, the nail folds, the lunula, and the matrix are all parts of the fingernail. Nails grow from the matrix and are composed of keratin. When new cells grow, the older cells are pushed out. Read More

share: Will your nail regrow if the nail bed falls out completely?
it can't regrow because there isn't anything for it to grow into if that makes sense Read More

share: Is nail first grow of fingers or toes?
Same time Read More

share: Does the pinky nail grow faster than other nails?
No. Read More

share: What cells divide in order for the nail to grow?
Germinal cells. Read More

share: Where do you buy 5 to 7 nail grow?
Beals out lite Read More

share: Will a nail grow back if pulled off?
yes just loosen the cutical so it can grow back Read More

share: Do clear polish grow your nails?
No, You Would Need To Get A Special Nail Polish To Do That. Clear Nail polish Is Used Either As A Base Coat Or A Top Coat Or A Nail Strengthener. Read More

share: How do you get your nails to grow?
Well for me its easy because I have close relatives that have long nails but if your in a situation you should use nail grow nail polish with brands such as ruby red nail polish (the polish is clear ) they also have products that harden your nails so the wont break as much Read More

share: How do you get rid of the white spots on your nails?
You can't they are bruises that come when u hit your nails and they will eventually grow out everyone has a couple of these from time to time. but since they are part of the nail and not the nail bed, they grow with the nail until you clip them off with the other white part Read More

share: Will a nail that has been bitten off completely ever grow back?
Do not worry your nail will grow back but it will take time . Tip: put nail polish remover on your nails to make them taste bad so you will not bite your nails. Read More

share: What can you do to get your nails to grow?
one way for your nails to grow is to not bite the edges. when you do this, they rip, causing the nail bed to be cut down to the nub thuss making it longer to grow. another way is every two weeks or so, slightly trim the edges of the nail. one last way is to use green tea oil. this type of oil makes the nail grow longer, faster, and stronger. Read More

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