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Why Sleep Is The Key To Stopping Hormonal Weight Gain After 40

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By : Penni Mulgrave    29 or more times read
Submitted 2019-03-07 07:06:04
It leads to changes in weight regulation hormones: Disrupted sleep causes ghrelin, the hunger hormone, to increase, and leptin, the "stop eating" hormone, to decrease. Ghrelin doesn_t just increase your appetite; it makes you crave high-carb, high-calorie foods. Increased ghrelin plus decreased leptin equals weight gain. Also, when you_re exhausted, deep-dish pizza is much more appealing than steamed veggies_and exercise is less enticing than hitting the snooze button. The magic number is seven hours of shut-eye, but roughly 35% of adults routinely get less than that. A recent study showed that even one night of sleep loss can have a negative impact on metabolism. When a woman comes to the Northwestern Medicine Program for Menopause and her number one complaint is weight gain, our first question is not "What are you eating? " but rather "Are you sleeping? " The bottom line: Make getting a good night_s rest a priority. In case you_re wondering: When I made some life changes to decrease stress and started sleeping again, I lost the extra weight. And I_ve learned to embrace my muffin top.

Menopausal symptoms usually last for the whole transition period, but some women may experience them for the rest of their lives. However, this doesn_t mean you have to suffer a lifetime of discomfort. Even though menopause is not an illness, you should not hesitate to get medical or natural treatment to get relief for your symptoms. Many treatments are available, from lifestyle adjustments to hormone therapy, and we will discuss your options in details on this site. There is significant disagreement about the definition of menopause. Some confusion exists because there are several stages of the natural menopause process. Technically, natural menopause is the transition between perimenopause and postmenopause, the entire process culminating with the ceasing of the menses, generally around age 50 for most women. This natural menopause process itself is usually identified retrospectively, when it's been a year since a last period. Susun Weed, in her book Menopausal Years: The Wise Woman Way, describes natural menopause as a metamorphosis, a change from one person to another, similar to puberty. It can be viewed as a hormonal shift mirroring puberty. Natural menopause occurs when the monthly cycle of ovulation comes to an end. This is because the ovarian supply of follicles and eggs declines sharply as a woman approaches menopause. Eventually, though, the ovaries are no longer able to develop an egg for ovulation. Ovarian production of estrogen goes into a permanent decline, and progesterone is no longer produced. The lining of the uterus thins, since it isn't being stimulated by high estrogen levels each month, and monthly bleeding stops. Menopause has occurred. Don't discount the importance of the postmenopausal ovary, however! It continues to produce hormones even after ovulation ends, producing some estrogen and also androgens (male hormones) including testosterone. Some of the androgens are converted to estrogen (estrone) in a woman's fat tissue.

Reiki healing therapy is becoming an increasingly popular form of alternative menopause treatment. The ancient healing practice of Reiki treatment has been linked to helping to alleviate a variety of common menopause symptoms. Also used to treat and prevent other conditions, illnesses and diseases, Reiki therapy has been proven to be beneficial in promoting an individual's overall health. But what is Reiki therapy and how does this natural treatment for menopause work to alleviate common menopause symptoms? What is Reiki Healing Therapy? The word Reiki means universal life energy, and originated in Japan when a scholar named Mikao Usui set about to learn more about the healing practices as mentioned in various ancient texts. It is a non-invasive healing therapy that attempts to balance the human energy system. This, in turn, assists the body in the process of healing itself. The main factor in the way menopause affects the individual is an imbalance in hormone levels.

While we are talking mainly to the process, where female is involved, the male influence should also be considered since you need "two for tango". The absent father hypothesis proposes that reduced paternal investment linked with increasing maternal age was an additional impetus for the evolution of menopause. Reduced paternal investment may have been linked with increasing maternal age for two reasons: men_s defection from their middle-aged mates and men_s relatively earlier death. The absent father hypothesis is not an alternative to the grandmother hypothesis but rather a complement. It outlines an additional cost_reduced paternal investment_associated with continued reproduction by ancestral middle-aged women that could have been an additional impetus for the evolution of menopause. One selective pressure associated with the high level of paternal investment in humans compared to other primates is the relatively helpless nature of human infants. Without prolonged investment from both mothers and fathers or related kin, infants and young children were more likely to die before they reached reproductive age.
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