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How to Easily Generate Explosive Downline Growth

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By : Daegan Smith    99 or more times read
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Your MLM business is more or less already set-up, it seems like things are looking well. However, you notice that youíre not taking complete advantage of the general structure of MLM that is, you donít have enough downline or hired affiliates that will lead to a boom in your commissions and gains in your MLM venture. Just when you thought there was no way to actually do it, there are a few and easy guidelines you can keep in mind in order to easily generate explosive downline growth.

The Best Leads

Yes, you got it rightóyou have to make sure youíre getting the best leads. Does this mean that you have to pay leads providers in order to get their expensive package full of their so-called ëhotí and responsive leads? Not necessarily! Purchasing leads will cost you hundreds of dollars a month and will likely give you a yield of responsive clients as would a regular leads package, or even random surveying of various people. The best leads arenít necessarily those you accessed with a high price, but those that are truly relevant to your industry, and are completely interested in your venture.

While purchasing leads has proven to be effective for some, others swear by generating their own leads. So itís more or less concededóboth these methods are bound to give you a degree of success, or may help you get lucky. When you have two winning formulae, itís obvious that you are in fact going to enhance its ëwinning-nessí by mixing these two formulae together. You can get the best of both worlds by purchasing leads and generating your own leads! That way, youíre certain youíre not actually missing out on anything.

While you enjoy the perks of the ease of purchasing responsive leads, you also get to enjoy the personalized approach generating your own leads takes on. For one, you can utilize your company website to reach out to potential downlineósimply by putting up a sign-up for your company newsletter that any visitor can fill out with ease! Moreover, you can increase web traffic to your website (because web traffic will bring greater exposure to your site) by writing various articles on your industry, on your business, and even on your company in various websites or blogs on-line. You can also have a hand in creating an advertising strategy that best targets the market youíre after. That way, youíre inviting and soliciting the attention of interested partiesópotential clients whom you can call and would be willing to hear out what you want to say because they believe you have something invaluable to offer them.

Do It Properly

Some people purchase the most expensive leads packages, embark on the most elaborate personally generated leads scheme ever, and still donít end up with that growing downline that should come of their efforts.

Chances are, once you have the leads and call them, youíre just not calling them the right way and marketing your business in the most strategic way. As it is, you may have various experiences of being hung up, or simply being brushed off because your hot lead is simply not interested in your venture. Are they really not interested? While they may in fact be telling the truth, thereís also a slight possibility that they are but simply feel like the opportunity you have to offer them isnít the one theyíre looking for. Moreover, if theyíre truly not interested, couldnít there have been a way to actually make them more interested after your call?

Many companies utilize what can be called as ëcanned conversationsí. These are characterized by very much rehearsed, impersonal, and formulaic sentences that you simply deliver while having a conversation with your client. While it may imply personalized conversation, the fact that you are using a canned conversation or a formula more often than not shines through. This makes your listenerówhich is a potential leadófeel unimportant to your venture. This makes your listener feel like he or she is simply being manipulated, and that he or she is perhaps the nth person down the grapevine to hear the exact same thing repeated from you.

At the end of the day, you have to make your lead know and feel that her joining your business is of great importance to you. You know for a fact that this person (and most every other person) is interested in making more money. You know that your MLM venture can give this other person just what he or she is looking for. The best way then, to connect to this person and convince him or her to be part of your business is to participate in a genuine conversation with this person. Be willing to answer questions, erase whatever qualms they have over network marketing and its rub with being illegal, and even in encouraging them to take action in making big money.

After these conversations, you are likely to gain yourself a friend. Moreover, youíve just increased your downline growth. Expect too, that should this lead have friends interested in the same venture, youíre the first person on speed dial thatís going to be called once they get together and your primary lead shares how you managed to convince him or her to jump in. That, my friend, is how you generate explosive downline growthóguaranteed!
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