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M_ Bn Bi_t Th_ The Venica Khang _i_n, Qu_n 9, Gi 20 T_/c_n. LH

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By : Regena Herlitz    29 or more times read
Submitted 2017-09-10 14:03:57
Bn nh bi_t th_ khu dn c_ 6A Him Lam x Bnh H_ng, Bnh Chnh di_n t ch 12,5 x 20m, xy 1 tr_t, 2,5 l_u, nh m_i, n_i th_t cao c_p gi bn 15 t_. H_ tr_ d_ch v_ t_ v_n thi_t k_ n_i th_t cn h_ Jamila khi nh_n nh. Nh gi r_ __ng _inh __c Thi_n, g_n KCN Bon Chen 2, cch ch_ Bnh Chnh 5 pht. Nh_ng v_i ni_m tin v tm huy_t c_a m_t ch_ _u t_ c nng l_c, Khang i_n  mang _n cho c_ dn n_i y nh_ng gi tr_ thi_t th_c v s_ tr_i nghi_m tuy_t v_i nh_t. __c bi_t tuy_n __ng Vnh _ai Trong k_t n_i t_ C_u Ph M_ v_ Xa L_ H N_i ngay ng t_ Bnh Thi. _y c_ng l m_t kho_n _u t_ c_c k_ h_p l _i v_i khch hng khi s_ h_u m_t cn nh trong m_t khng gian thong ng.

Mega Village qu_n 9 __c thi_t k_ ki_n trc _ng b_ mang __ng n t chu , v_a c_ i_n nh_ng c_ng r_t hi_n _i. Vi_c sao ch p m khng __c s_ _ng  b_ng vn b_n l vi ph_m php lu_t. _t n_i _n Trung tm Qu_n 1 ch_ v_i 10 Pht theo __ng cao t_c. M_t cn bi_t th_ c_ nh_ trong cc b_ phim vi_n t__ng i_u khi_n b_ng gi_ng ni hay ch_ _n gi_n ci ph_y tay. D_ n Mega Village qu_n 9 c t_ng di_n t ch g_n 6ha quy ho_ch chu_n mang phong cch hi_n _i gi_a vng thi
n nhi
n xanh mt. Jamila l s_ k_t h_p kh o l o c_a cu_c s_ng ti_n nghi ch_n thnh th_ ha cng v_ _p t__i mt hoang s_ c_a thi
n nhi
n. Bn Nh Ph_ Bnh Chnh 5x17 1 Tr_t 2 L_u Ch_ 1,9 T_. Cch Mega Residence h_n 1 km, thu_c __ng D1, ph__ng Ph__c Long B l khu bi_t th_ cao c_p v_i 96 cn mang t
nRiviera Cove, n_m b
n sng R_ch Chi_c.

V_ tr _c tn ch_ dnh cho 44 cn bi_t th_ duy nh_t khu Nam Si Gn. Ngoi ra ch_ _u t_ cn dnh nhi_u di_n t ch _t cho cng vi
n cy xanh, c_nh quan v h_ b_i,. Khi thi_t k_ Phong th_y cho m_t ngi nh, gian b_p l m_t trong nh_ng khng gian __c coi tr_ng hng _u. Khu compound kh p k n, an ninh 24/24, m_t ti_n __ng l_n, khu dn c_ dn tr cao, hi_n c_ dn v_ s_ng r_t ng, thong mt. D_ n l s_ h_p tc _u ti
n gi_a công ty Khang _i_n v Công ty xy d_ng Bình Chnh v_i v_ tr v_ng m_nh, uy t n _t l
n hng _u luôn nh_n __c s_ tin t__ng c_a khch hng. Ngoi ra, _n v_ qu_n l khu dn c_ c_ng mang t_m vc l_n v_i nhi_u uy t n, Cbre v_i ch_t l__ng hng _u Th_ Gi_i. Lucasta villa V_ Tr Vng.

Theo ch_ _u t_ Nam Long, Valora Island s_ l m_t mi _m tuy_t v_i cho b_n v gia nh b_n trong t__ng lai. __i di_n b
n kia sng l m_t khu bi_t th_ nh_ li_n k_ m_c tr
n vng _t tr__c y v_n l _m l_y. Ti_p sau , s_ tung ra hng lo_t d_ n cn h_ v_i th__ng hi_u Khang _i_n tr
n th_ tr__ng. D_ n cn h_ Jamila l s_n ph_m cn h_ _u ti
n c_a Khang _i_n t_i th_ tr__ng Qu_n 9. N_i y thu_c ph a Nam khu _ th_ Nam thnh ph_ H_ Ch Minh. Nh n_m g_n ngay c_ng Khang _i_n thu_c d_ n Khang _i_n Ph__ng Ph__c Long B Qu_n 9. Bi vi_t ny chia s_ nh_ng thng tin cng nh_ng nh gi c_a chuy
n gia c_ng nh_ khch hng v_ d_ n n_i b_t c_a Khang _i_n ny. Khu bi_t th_, nh ph_ cao c_p.

D_ n nh ph_, shophouse do Khang i_n _u t_, Coteccons thi cng, CBRE qu_n l. _y l m_t trong hai d_ n doT_p on M. D_ n t_a l_c t_i ___ng 990, ph__ng Ph H_u Qu_n 9, cch __ng Nguy_n Duy Trinh kho_ng 500m, c_ dn Monada Khang _i_n d_ dng di chuy_n v_ trung tm thnh ph_ v khu  th_ xung quanh. S_ l__ng cn c h_n, hy li
n h_ v_i phng kinh doanh ph_ trch Melosa Garden _ __c t_ v_n v c_p nh_t ch nh sch khuy_n mi. N_u b_n mua _ th d_ n Lucasta Khang _i_n l n_i ch_c ch_n em l_i cho b_n v gia nh m_t cu_c s_ng ch_t l__ng trong m_. K Corporation lm ch_ _u t_. Qu_n L Khu Dn C_ : Cng ty Nh Khang _i_n. Melosa Garden t_a l_c t_i gc giao Vnh _ai 2 v cao t_c Long Thnh , Ph__ng Ph H_u, Qu_n 9 TP.

Giao thng thu_n ti_n qua qu_n 2 , qu_n 7 , qu_n 1 thng qua cc tuy_n __ng song hnh cao t_c , _i l_ Mai Ch Th_ , c_u Ph M_ . Khu dn c_ Melosa Garden Qu_n 9  ch nh th_c ra m_t th_ tr__ng, d_ n m_i nh_t c_a Khang _i_n v_i hng lo_t ti_n ch cao c_p d_c theo hai b_ sng, cng khng gian xanh bao la. C_ h_i s_ h_u cn h_ _ v_ tr _p , phong th_y t_t nh_t m gi c_ r_t h_p l . 363 _ __c t_ v_n t_t nh_t. D_ n Valora Island Qu_n 7 bao g_m 44 cn bi_t th_, __c thi_t k_ theo phong cch Nh_t t_i _u v_ di_n ch s_ d_ng. Valora Island thu_c ch_ _u t_ Nam Long  k_t h_p v_i Ngn hng BIDV _ th_c hi_n ti_n _ thanh ton v giao nh nhanh nh_t c th_ t_i cc khch hng.
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